Friday, 10 August 2012

"Connection" 5 Minute Friday

Five Minute Friday

5 minutes of writing, no editing, no grammar checks...
Word for today....Connect


connected at the core
at the roots

and in the spaces between we still reach like branches to one another.

As children do to a mother or father

I  recoil like a fern at the thought of being so obviously vulnerable
and deep in need of connection.
Of love.
Still it's true.

It takes courage to connect.
Love the big the little and the middling in another.
 In myself.

It takes courage to disarm and be vulnerable and true to the person I really am inside.
Bring her outside.
Let her dance.

Connection can make me afraid

What if I'm not what you want me to be?
What if I am not enough?

What if I am not worth connecting with?

See with connection we trade a little of ourselves.

But I'll tell you this.

I'll put my strongest arguments aside
so I might look into your eyes
and really see them.

See your pain and joy
the child inside
your memories
and the story that writes them.

Connection can't be rushed or forced it is a slow intermingling of roots beneath soft earth

Knowing that the earth feeds us both.

We have the same mother
The same Father.

We are sisters
We are brothers.



  1. It takes courage to love that, am learning that lesson in both good and hard ways. Missed opportunities, possibly?, because I was afraid. Loved this, your words.

  2. Such lovely, lovely words, all of them. I particularly love these:

    "It takes courage to connect.
    Love the big the little and the middling in another."

    Connecting and loving with others, not just because of what is lovely and attractive, but also what is still becoming and what is unlovely and offensive - because they all mingle together in this one you've chosen to love. I'm slowly, very slowly, learning this.

    Thank you for sharing today.

  3. "It takes courage to disarm." I love that. Great post, beautiful words, can't wait to read more. I also love all your quotes. I'm a big quote lover myself:) Maybe we can do some quote trading!

    This comment thing won't let me leave my info, so I'll leave it here:

    Tammy Perlmutter


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