Tuesday, 17 July 2012

{Yarn Along - Craft On}

This week I have been re-reading "The Return of King Arthur" by Diana Durham. 

 It is a really fascinating chronicle of the soul's journey, symbolized by Arthurian Legend.

I have always been drawn to King Arthur and the legends of the grail.
I have also always wanted to live in the West Country ever since visiting  Glastonbury Tor as a child.

Here is one of my many highlighted quotes...

"This ability to disentangle ourselves from structure is beautifully
symbolised in the myth when Arthur draws the sword Excalibur from the stone.
Written in gold letters around the sword is a prophecy that whoever can
free it is king of all England. The sword represents our power, our leadership
potential, and in order to lead we have to be able to free our selves from, or
cease investing our power in, the structures and pressures that surround us.
Many stronger, mightier and more experienced knights than Arthur (in
fact at this point, Arthur is not even a knight) had tried in vain to wrench the
sword out. Yet Arthur was the true king - he was the true king by birth, but his
ability to draw the sword out demonstrated that he was the true king by
character as well because he was not seeking power for himself."

And this is the crux isn't it. We need to feel our truth, our limitations, our frailness until we can truly use our goodness for something powerful. 

 Something beyond the measure of ourselves... Who do we serve?

"On the quest the knights must not only find the grail again, but ask the
question : Whom does the grail serve? Meaning, whom or what does our heart
serve? What do we serve? This question goes to the core of leadership because
it asks what is in control of us. Whatever our heart serves is what controls us."

And what better companion for deep and profound thoughts?

 Why knitting of course.


Here are Nola's Autumn longies, slowly making their way from tummy to toes.

I think they should be ready for September don't you ?

And I am inspired to knit them up so I can start the Nola Jane retro ruffle sweater!


  1. looks like you are having so much fun with your felting Suzy they are all beautiful x.

  2. I love those longies! Awesome!

  3. I can not imagine living in a better place to read King Arthur than where you live!
    I just put a book written by Howard Pyle in my to be read stack.
    The longies look great and yes, they should be ready for September for sure.

  4. Those longies are so cute. Nola is going to look gorgeous in them. Jacinta

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  6. Gorgeous knitting Suzy! I think I need some self striping wool for my next project :) Your dolls are beautiful, so intricate. I'll be calling by your shop next time I need a gift for a wee girl. Oh, and of course I share your love of the West Country, so much legend and so many magical places, and a great place to live, but then I would say that ;) x

  7. I've not seen that particular King Arther book before and just added it to my GoodReads list ~ thank you. Awesome projects you've go going too!

  8. oh thank you for the book recommendation suzy, i have not heard of it before. i will be looking for it. and i still so love your dolls... and that yarn you are using for the longies. you are just a bundle of inspiration my friend!

  9. Love Nola's pants! On my way to check out your shop :)

  10. that yarn is knitting up so nicely. i really like it. and that book sounds really good. i might have to go check it out.

  11. What pretty longies and dolls. Looks like you are keeping plenty busy.

  12. I love the figures! So much talent in such a wee little statue :) Love the colorway of the longies!!

  13. I love the little dollies... great work! Those longies will be lovely for the fall!

  14. such beautiful crafting and knitting! lovely!

  15. Whom does the Grail serve – the quest – every man wants to be the Knight as much as every woman wants to be the Princess. it's an awesome thing that you share this story with your babies – so much to learn. And I skipped over to your about page again – and scrolled all away down to the fish – I think I remember you blogging about that fish – I think I remember that post. It brought a smile. As did the knitting in this post – I know nothing of knitting – but I know art when I see it and those little dolls!! And I want to thank you for swinging by in the middle of one of the biggest struggles of my life. Every day is still a struggle to resist falling again down the rabbit hole. It has cost me so much already and continues to exact a toll – but I trudge forward – feet through heavy snow – following my light. I’ve barely been able to write posts, much less read blogs I heart. Little bits of me are returning piece by piece – and that you were there during it – that means the world to me.so thank you for that, and thank you for this, and God bless and keep you and each and every one of yours this day.


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