Wednesday, 11 July 2012

a small story

While we were out today we found an old gnarled pine tree. The trunk was twisted and the dry bristly branches spiked out in a whirling spiral around it.
I told a story about a witch who was turned into a tree for casting mean spells. Even her magic swirled around her like dry, branches.

We also found a really cool shack made of sticks that someone must have made quite recently. There were even fairy sized log seats inside! It reminded me of a little hut made of sticks I found in the woods once as a child. Right at the back of the hut was a hollow with a small moss nest and a perfect blue egg. I still sometimes wonder if this incident was really a dream :)


On our walk we soon came across our favourite fallen tree. The girls love to walk along it and pretend it is a train.
Today it was a flying dragon with a scaly back. Fina took our tickets and we could ride on him to what ever magical fairytale lands we wanted!

Just now, before bed Fina asked if she could tell me a story.

"One day there was a little girl,"
 if there is a little girl in the story it is you okay?
"The little girl was called mummy. She went to a tree in the woods and it turned to a witch. Come and have tea and cake with me said the witch. Okay said the little girl, so they sat down for tea and cake.

The End.

...and one more?
Okay, one more.

"One day there was a little girl. " (Whispers) it was you okay?

"She found a dragon in the wood. The dragon said, "where would you like to go little girl?"
"Would you like to come to my house for tea and cake?"
"Oh yes" said the little girl, and she did.

The End.

I love my crazy, wild, wonderful imaginative girlie who likes to think the best of witches and dragons :)


  1. i would love tea and cake with either! i have missed you :). i loved your woodsy post about your vacation. sounds like such heaven. and your raw food diet looks yummy and so fresh. i bet it feels good to eat good food. my diet could use a shape up!

  2. awwwww this is so lovely x

  3. Oh what a lovely tale :) Have an imagine of your little nest with the blue egg in x

  4. So beautiful and adorable! Have you read "The Land of Long Ago" by Elsa Beskow? The part about the fallen down tree becoming a dragon reminded me of that book ^_^


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