Sunday, 15 July 2012

First Holy Communion

boo fhc 2

 boo beautiful

first holy communion day

The sun shone brightly as we herded our brood into the busy church. It was a perfect day for such a special moment. Boo's First Holy Communion.

 boo 'n'  em in white

 holy communion

 boo fhc


  1. What a beautiful day! Congratulations and blessing to your little one on such a great day!

  2. she looks beautiful and her day sounded wonderful. now i must google to see exactly what first holy communion is :). o, i have so much to learn. xo

  3. Lovely pics, beautiful girls x

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  5. i deleted that above comment because my kids were logged in, not me :)

    this is beautiful. and i am laughing because we always talk about how boo and layla are so similar and would you believe it, layla even has a blood phobia. she used to scream when people would even say the word blood, though she has moved past that. she still won't look at it and cries if she sees it on anyone or anything. what a beautiful day for bujana and you.

  6. What a lovely girl and beautiful, special day. Congratulations to Boo and your lovely family.
    With prayers,

  7. Congratulations to Boo! She looks and sounds so beautiful, inside and out!

  8. I have a question... was the blood phobia a problem in preparing for communion, you know, with the drinking of the Blood of Christ? My son has a blood phobia and I'm worrying about him as he is doing first communion this year.

  9. Hi. Please can you tell me where you got the communion dress please? I came across your blog whilst looking for a communion dress for my daughter. It's beautiful. Thank you

    1. Hi :) I bought the dress second hand a number of years ago. It was made in Ireland in the 1960's. Hope that helps :)

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    3. Hi. Thank you. I live in Scotland and visit Ireland regularly. Your dress really is special. Well after all my looking, my daughter wants to wear my old dress! It's 33 years old! I've been trying to whiten it up. It's come up really well. I will send you a photo when she wears it! It's quite similar to your daughters. Thanks again!


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