Tuesday, 15 May 2012

{Yarn Along}

"I think one of the greatest gifts that we can give anybody is the gift of one more honest adult in that person's life - whether [the recipient] be a child or an adult.
"And so, for me, being quiet and slow is being myself, and that is my gift."

 The Simple Faith of Mister Rogers by Amy Hollingsworth...

I began this lovely, gentle book about a lovely, gentle man named Mister Rogers yesterday.

Now you lovely American readers probably know exactly who Mister Rogers is but English me is only just discovering his wonderfully calming screen presence and wise soul.

Thank you Tonia for the book recommendation.

I particularly interested in the idea of embracing slowness and carefulness in all things.

Mister Roger's seemed to be very much about relationships, simple honesty and kindness.

Also slowness, connectedness and the gentle narrative thread that works story through process and conversation.

"Mister Rogers knew that the same principle {taking time} applies to a child's emotional development, to a child's soul."

Hurriedness causes it to be hard and resistant. 

But taking time and going slow nurtures, or as he liked to say "nourishes."

 (The adult soul needs this kind of nourishment as well.)

Here is a beautiful speech Mr. Rogers made in 2001. I encourage you to take some time to read it.


  1. I adored Mr. Rogers, as a child and as an adult!
    I am so glad you posted about this book, I will be ordering a copy tonight!
    Doll knitting looks like a lot of fun, especially for such a lovely looking doll!

  2. i love mr. rogers. you should check out his shows on iTunes. i think there is at least one free podcast or show. i used to think of him as another father figure as a child. lol... i am adding this book to my queue. alpaca is my favorite fiber too. : )

  3. ah yes, mr rogers was a wonderful show/guy. he was so strangely soft spoken and gentle, and quite frankly a little weird. he suited little girl me perfectly. sounds like a great book :) - and i like the new look on the blog. xoxoxo

  4. I grew up on Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood. I remember thinking that he seemed a bit odd for a grown-up, but that never prevented me from watching his show every day. I had a very weird and insecure childhood, and I think that his manner made a lot of kids in similar circumstances feel safe and accepted.

  5. OOOh a new book to find, I have never heard of Mr Rogers but he sounds right up my street, slowing down is my speciality at the moment :o) Thanks Suzy x.

  6. Yes! Mr. Rogers, I loved him growing up! And I love knitting for dolls as well! It is so quick :-)

  7. Your nature table looks so inviting. I loved Mr Rogers as a child and adore him as an adult. I will need to read that book. Such good reminders.

  8. I grew up on Mr. Rogers, and that book sounds great!
    It is interesting that children's programming has changed so dramatically. My kids haven't ever seen Mr. Rogers, but I may try to introduce them.

  9. My children and I both grew up with Mr. Rogers. Did you know that his wife knit him the sweater he always wore on the show?
    Lucky dolly! She looks rather happy about her new outfit! (Smart girl, she knows if she's appreciative, she'll get more!)

  10. Mr. Rogers was a true treasure -- thank you for writing about his book. I recently read Quiet: The Power of Introverts (of which I am one) and it was a lovely reminder of how we need more of us in this frenetic and must-too-fast-paced world.

  11. Oh Suzy I LOVE that book! I've read it twice and will re-read it again I'm sure. He was really a remarkable person. We didn't have a t.v. at our house until I was 12, although I could watch Mr. Rogers when we visited my grandparents. I found him mesmerising.

    P.S. I love your new header too!

  12. Thank you for sharing about that book - sounds wonderful - Mr. Rogers was one of my favorites growing up - now we don't have television for our children because there really isn't much worth watching....
    Your doll sweater looks beautiful.

  13. I'm so happy that my daughter had Mister Rogers to watch as a child. I loved watching his sweet, wholesome and enjoyable shows too. He had a wonderfully creative mind. :)


  14. I watched Mr. Rogers when little. There are so few children TV shows that are appropriate anymore I feel. I am also knitting for a doll for the first time and am enjoying it very much so far. Your dress looks adorable.

  15. I LOVE your spring nature table. We've been so bad about redecorating our festivities stand since valentines day, this inspires me to get to it! Lovely little sweater, and I think I'm going to check our library for that book. :)


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