Tuesday, 8 May 2012

{Yarn Along} ...messiness and the french lessons that never happen :)

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Oh it's been so long since I last joined in with Yarn Along!
It is nice to be back :)
I have started knitting up some Autumn wool longins for Nola!
I love the greens in this lovely Crofter yarn. They remind me of moss, hillsides, meadows and pebbles.

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I received my new book of poetry through the post this morning!!!
There is something a little bit magical about paper and ink even though I have grown to value the convenience of a kindle.

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Here is snap of Nola looking a little pensive. She has quite the pensive look about her sometimes.
Earnest almost.

She loves her Emmy.

A friend crocheted and stitched the beautiful lilac hued frock for her. I'm hoping for lots of warm weather so that she can wear it every - single - day :)

Today I am quite "worn to a raveling" as the Tailor of Gloucester would say :)

This morning was a whirlwind, even though I really truly tried to stall it into some quiet French stories and songs in hope for a quiet lull in activity since our full weekend.

It quickly became apparent that many more exciting ideas were brewing.

Before long, the kitchen was littered with origami.
Both successful attempts and the jumble of crumpled paper that was not quite so successful.
 Then there was the brown paper, string, stamps, ink pads and homemade cards and envelopes all to be ready and wrapped for a friends birthday party this afternoon.

I stealthily managed to stew some lovely rhubarb stalks for pudding this evening. Before lunch and everything.

I was rather impressed with that accomplishment.

The final straw might have been the muddy footprints brought in by a random water hole digger, which is the new name for the small child made pond in the dip where the swing used to be.

Oh happy days!!!

I shall miss them one day shan't I.

When my carpets are fluffed up and my counter tops minimalistic and void of all but the odd quaintly placed wooden spoon and shiny, un-bitten fruit.

The thing with being odd and Unschooling is that you never know what kind you are going to have.

Still a balance must be sought between what each individual would like to do and how those things can be best facilitated in a communal context.

Like so much in life, it all comes down to give and take.

Sometimes it is my turn to give, sometimes it is theirs.

Sometimes we all need to give in a little for the sake of the whole.

Sometimes older ones must accept that the needs of younger ones must take precedence.

Sometimes littles must learn to respect the boundaries of the bigger ones.

Sometimes the group has to be divided so that individual needs can be met.

Tight rope walking would be good training for this job.

As the girls grow older and more independent, they often get carried away and forget to tidy up before moving on to the next thing.

I'm sure that much of this is just being young and exuberant.

Being in a bigger - than - your - average - family means the house can get messy quick.

I could easily get over stressed about mess as I am the kind of person that needs a measure of order, harmony visually to feel an inner sense of equilibrium.

I know that a certain level of homely mess is also something that is very healthy for me to embrace as I could become far to hung up on things like dusty skirting boards and fingerprinted windows.

However, it would take 24 hour surveillance with a soapy sponge to prevent fingerprinted windows in this house.

Mess VS sanity and mess wins.

But onto partyness.

Nola had such a happy time waving at the other babies at the party this afternoon.

She loves to wave at the moment.
 Wave and squint and wrinkle her nose a lot.

Matilda had a lovely time at the party too.
She is so quiet that people often wonder if she is okay. But she is very much like me. Often seemingly in her own world, yet actually quite engaged and content with her own quietness.

She did become impossibly overwhelmed however, before bed, when one of the little plastic toys in her party bag broke.
My girls get silly over plastic as it is a bit of a forbidden fruit in our house.
Sad though it was, when it breaks so easily ....well you know.

It's funny though because they never ask for plastic.

They never really ask for anything which is probably unusual.

They get most excited over streams and trees and pebbles and stones and mud and paper and ink stamps and string.

I have a lot to be thankful for.

And even though I'm bone tired at the end of the day.
Je suis tres content.

Maybe we'll do French tommorrow :)

Sharing this post with Ginny today for "Yarn Along"


  1. suzy. you are simply. amazing.
    i am so blessed to call you friend.

  2. such lovely sentiments you've written here and i share many with you. i enjoyed this post today. i have been doing my own tight rope walk the last 24 hours getting things done while my sister in law came out for a visit. without a car, it was a bit of a mad rush this morning to get a few errands done with the two littles in tow. i can only imagine how it must be with more than two. the house was tidy yesterday morning and of course that never lasts long once the kids wake up and take over. but, a house is meant to be lived in and things will be strewn about. i think it's important to teach our children to tidy up - i know i don't like saying it either and have been more now that ezra is old enough - but, it is by far never a favorite time of his playful days. i hope you get some time to knit suzy! love those colors and your pensive baby. i have one of those too.

  3. Poetry book? Yours? I can see that, you have such a gift Suzy. When I visit your space I always find myself wishing we were neighbors. Yes, one day when the house is spotless and the rooms echo with quiet you will long for muddy footprints and the sound of childern's laughter. Most of my weekends are now so quiet, although this past weekend reminded me of how it use to be. Time marches on...!

  4. Oh, I do love the new look of your blog! And I love that wonderful autumnal wool for Nola and how lovely to have a talent for poetry. I think I am too prosaic to write poetry, although I love words and the way they can play together...

  5. What beautiful photos! And words. I too have to remind myself that it's *me* that wants a tidy house, so *I* should maybe be the one to clean up ;) Sometimes it takes me several requests to my boys to clean up after themselves for me to remember this though. I might tatoo it on the back of my hand, would save a lot of trouble :) Congratulations on the rhubarb - I too enjoy the delight of fitting in a good useful household task between everything else! Great post x

  6. What a special feeling it must be to see your own name in print! I too try to remind myself that I will miss the messes, mud and all, when my children have grown. Nola will look so cute in her longies I'm sure. How sweet is she in that dress. I hope you have many sunny days in which to dress her in it. It is such a gorgeous photo of her and Emmy. Jacinta

  7. Thanks so much for your comment on my blog! So nice to hear from you and what a lovely blog you have here. Love your artwork. And I can relate to needing a tidy space!

  8. having a large family myself... i think the mess is a sign of a happy home. or at least that is what i tell myself. if my house was always super tidy, well than something must be wrong.

  9. Many congratulations on your book! That's a great accomplishment, along with all the other things that you do. I agree with 'momto5' a degree of mess is a good sign. Certainly your house is full of lots of good ideas and energy!

  10. Bravo on the book.

    I miss you too, Suzy.

  11. I love your new blog look! Did you do the illustrations? I love the words here... slow down. Listen. Take care of each other. Be thankful. Beautiful.

  12. I miss you too Laure :) I hope to find time to write soon friend xx

    Thank you Erin :) Yes I did do the illustrations :S

  13. ah yes, the mess! sometimes it is overwhelming and we just need a "clean up" day. andrew is currently into baking, but refuses to follow a recipe so everything he makes (by himself because he refuses help) is unedible. such a stubborn one. i love to bake and the boy would not let me help him to make a cake that we could actually eat, and he knows how to read a recipe too. i don't want to discourage him, but i also want to eat cake gosh golly! ...and only clean up one mess. and what you said about matilda...people used to flat out ask my mom what was wrong with me when i was a child because i was so quiet, like i was mentally slow or something. i love you and your girls. you know if i ever get to england in this lifetime i am going to have to look you up for real...:)))) perhaps in our old age. we were watching bbc america today and gordon ramsey's hilarious bleepy bleep mouth, and he was at this old english pub, and i have decided i would love to eat at an authentic old english pub. so let's plan that. this comment is extremely long.


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