Sunday, 13 May 2012


Joining Amanda @ The Habit of Being today for weekending.

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sunlight, lakeside, collecting tadpoles and pond weed in jars.

Tilly by the pond

Finding our blackbird nest abandoned, hoping the babies fledged early.

by the lake

Watching baby rabbits gather close to our picnic, and staying still and quiet enough to watch them play.

by the lake with narcissus

Feeding a crushed cream cake from the bakery to a wild brown duck by hand. Fina crying because she scared "Mr. Mallard" away with her squealing delight.


Tricks that keep a teething babe from tears.

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Daddy always knows the best ones.

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Emmy, growing up. So.Fast.

tree climbers

Tree climbers that scramble so high, sometimes, I feel giddy.

boo and <span class=

These two are becoming quite the comedy duo. They stick together like glue despite the age gap.

More weekending highlights...

  • The scramble for tutu's, bolero's hair nets and elusive hair pins before ballet.
  • The silence that pools when the door closes and I know they are in the safe and capable hands of their Daddy.
  • The joy of stitching and knitting in the calm and gentle waters of that silence.
  • Lunch bought from the bakery.
  • Floury crumbs all over the floor as baby digs in too. She eats everything at the moment so long as she is given the chance to dig into it herself and make a mighty happy mess.
  • A poor, sad, squirmy, teething girlie that needs lots of attention both day and night at the moment.
  • This post.
  • Playing in sunlight after weeks of rain.
  • The shimmering greenness of the grass.
  •  The sticks, stones, grass and feathers that little one seems so fascinated with.
  • Buying organic rhubarb, wild rocket, and courgette seeds to sow into our little veggie patch.


  1. Your Fina reminds me so much of myself, I never could keep climb very high either when it came to trees.
    All of your babies have grown so much over the past year and it's hard to believe that they are more beautiful, but they are!
    I hope you have a week filled with beauty Suzy and the pain of teething isn't too bad for the little wee one.

  2. What lovely photos! A bright spot in a fairly dreary morning (gray skies after a Sunday of torrential rain). The girls are all so beautiful...

  3. Lovely images. I have so enjoyed discovering your blog (such beautiful faces and words!)...

  4. you have such a beautiful family! there is something about watching them at play that makes you realize just how much they've grown and are growing.

  5. Beautiful pictures. The reflection is amazing.

  6. oh suzy, i know i've told you a million times how happy coming here makes me. your family glows. love you.

  7. What a beautiful weekend.


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