Sunday, 6 May 2012



On Satuarday we attended a friend's lovely wedding. I drank far to much champagne.

...Had a wonderful time.

My favorite parts were watching a lovely elderly couple jiving on the dance floor to some 50's rock 'n' roll.

I love how us reserved English people really let their hair down at weddings!

Another very beautiful moment was when we went out into the garden to light chinese lanterns.


Watching the lanterns we lit twinkle into the inky blue distance was very poignant and moving.

Small glowing carriers of hopes, dreams and wishes.

 Up, Up to the stars and beyond.

Sunday needed to be chilled and stilled.

We broke open the scrap fabric stash :)

Matilda learned chain stitch and french knots. Two most perfect flower making stitches.

felt star mobile #1


We have the kindest friends you know. Friends who bring us big baskets of lovely fresh greens from their allotments and gardens!!!

mint tea

There is almost nothing more refreshing than mint leaf tea.

nola jo jo

Tani took the girls for a run on the grass.

fi and nola on the grass

These two are building a really special bond.

on the grass.

Good friends.



Belatedly joining Amanda @ "the habit of being" for weekending.


  1. Reserved English? Ha, too funny!
    Do you think Mitilda could teach me to french knot? I can not get the hang of it.
    We are enjoying fresh greens here every day and I just brought in some mint to dry, all so good.

  2. So lovely!! Chinese lanterns are a beautiful sight. I love, love, love your mobile!!!

    I love seeing the bond grow between my children. They're all close, but there is something special between my two girls. :)

    Have an amazing week!

  3. Happy weekend! I love your mobile... needle felting is wonderful fun!

  4. her embroidery looks lovely! reminds me i need to teach a few new stitches to my daughter.

    and the chinese lanterns, such a fun touch at the wedding.

    sounds like a lovely weekend :)


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