Friday, 18 May 2012

{Keeping it Real}

We need both rainfall and sunlight to grow.

pink tears

Sharing my doses of both with "Ink and Chai" today...

“We are built for the valley, for the ordinary stuff we are in, and that is where we have to prove our mettle.”
Oswald Chambers


She told me she has two years left.

Trying to find the words.

When there are none.


Tears over the phone

that illuminate

the dust particles

and the debris

of a scattered day into something

extraordinarily beautiful.

"Being" instead of "instructing"

Reclaiming a little of my childhood care-free-ness

Running with my girls in the park.

The bright and excited eyes of my birthday girl glinting in the morning light.

Friends that help you see the beauty of your life and the beauty within you.

summer rain softly flows


  1. "Wanting just one day where I can curl up quietly."
    let's run off together with other similar mamas, into the woods, for wild women nurturing! lol

    excited eyes are the best.

    have a fun and relaxed weekend!

  2. Now one tells you when you first hold a new baby that the time suddenly speeds up, making them grow at warped speed! I have three years and two months with my youngest.
    Suzy, thank you once again for all the beautiful words and photos you have shared this week, they always touch my heart.

  3. I had those same moments of reacting in a way that isn't who I am or who I want us all to be. hugs for you and your week. and kudos to your sunshine.

  4. no rainbows without the rain....and the storm def nourishes as well...there is often times purpose in those storms to beyond what we can if we avoid it we will probably have to live it again...oy....hope the rest of the weeke goes well for you....

  5. How lovely to read, refreshing and real as always. I always figure that those moments when I react in ways that are less than stellar, they simply serve to remind me that next time I'll do better. :)


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