Friday, 11 May 2012

Keeping it Real

We need both rainfall and sunlight to grow.


Sharing my doses of both with "Ink and Chai" today...
"For me, the best times are always going to be the most intense,
the ones with the highest highs and the lowest lows."
Fiona Apple


Feeling like it was just too much and too muddy to take the kids to the park this
, then feeling like I failed when bickering fills the space instead.

Wishing we had family close by, the kind where you can just stop by, call, have a chat, a cry and feel better again for doing so.

little miss baby's first tantrum (flailing arms and legs and everything)

Deciding to blow two years of a saved deposit on the holiday we haven't had for 9 years.


Friends returning from months away.

Play-dates with, the kind of friends that don't judge the bigness, the loudness, the spirited-ness nor equally the quietness of our family

A quiet sense of peace in my soul

A creative project coming slowly to fruition (More on this another time)

Curled up beside him with some wine, cheese and bread once the house lulls
into quiet

Having some proper giggles and connectedness with my free spirited 5 year old

Deciding to blow two years of a saved deposit on the holiday we haven't had for 9 years :)


  1. I know what it feels like to wish for family around especially when there are not enough hands to soothe all the bruises and kiss all the foreheads and help with all of the questions at the same time!

  2. ooh, poor thing on the infected graze and a fever.

    i'm so glad you put the holiday in there on the sunlight as well! lol
    "A quiet sense of peace in my soul" - beautiful.

    how exciting about the creative project too. have a marvelous weekend! thanks for joining in. :)

  3. I too have often wished for friends and helpers nearby (family or otherwise). But you are doing such a grand job. And I'm completely delighted for you all that you're going to have a holiday!

  4. we haven't had a holiday in almost 11 years. good for you enjoying life!!

    Friends that don't judge - the absolutely best kind!

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.

  5. what a lovely space you have's like sinking into a soft place.

    yay for connections and friends that love you and holidays!!

    have a beautiful week's end...xo

  6. Fiona Apple? Ok, I'm your newest subscriber! ;0

  7. I know what you mean about having family close by. I do miss them since we have moved...And I hope that infected graze is much better by now, and baby (and you) is sleeping better. And good for you for planning your vacation. You know, we lost a lot of money when we sold our house--we knew we would. And we have spent a lot of money to move to where we have always dreamed to move. In the end, living our dreams and following joy is what life is all about, even if it means taking risks and turning our backs on fear. I believe that with all my heart. Cheers Suzy and have a beautiful weekend!


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