Saturday, 19 May 2012

Natural Beauty

beautiful mother

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 Real Natural Beauty.

The greatest beauty I see in a human being whether male or female, is when they have shed their pretensions and masks and just are fully and joyfully themselves in their own skin.
A pair of loving eyes that see ones own deep goodness

...and in turn can see the deep goodness in another.



  1. this image grips me. you have captured bravery in motion. what a strong, lovely woman, and you stand in witness. beautiful.

  2. I LOVE this pic. I've looked at my 'war' wounds in the past and instead of seeing stretch marks and flab, I try to look at them as reminders of what a wonderful thing my body has done....created, carried, given birth too and nurtured four wonderful children. Our bodies are simply matter what shape or size. :)

  3. What an amazing photograph. Strangely, I was just discussing my stretch marks with my daughter last night! Thanks also for the link to Rachel Held Evans' post. How threatening would it be to our consumerist society if we actually started out every day with the assumption that we were enough, and just fine the way we are?!

  4. Recently my daughters saw something online that was showing famous people (actresses, models, etc.) as they really are. Before the air brushing and massive touch-ups. I thought they already understood that was you see isn't often the reality, but they were shocked. Models have cellulite?? All of a sudden they seemed much more human. I hope that as a society we can head towards truth, instead of this unrealistic ideal of perfection. I find beauty in such unexpected places now, such a blessing. :)

  5. You give people courage, Suzy. thank you for being you, for being scarred by life and stretched beyond your limits and unafraid to show us that we can bare our scars and marks too. how i love you, friend. i'll write soon.

  6. That article is just fantastic. Thank you for sharing!

  7. beautiful photo!
    it's just another reason to talk to our children everyday about what is real and what is not- no matter what it may look like at times.


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