Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Nearly One

How did we get from here...

...to here


I simply cannot believe she will be one years old on Friday!

She is becoming a real little girl in so many ways.

She is just beginning to take some wobbly steps while holding my hand and finally her first two top teeth seem to be appearing.

She is such a little busy body, always scrambling about, chasing after the big girls and trying to get in on all their activities and games.


She says quite a few words.

Mama and Dada of course, Boo, Tilda, Bear, Cat, Milk, Water, Book, Cup, Duck, Quack, Miaow, Woof, Moo, Car, Vroom, Vroom, Hoover, Up, Down, Cuddle, There, Bye, Hello, Star, 'Nana for Banana, Onj for Orange, Bath, Bubble and her new favourite word: Poo :)

She says poo for every nappy change whether applicable or not, it is so funny because she says it while blowing a raspberry at the same time :)

She also signs Milk, Star, Sun and Eat.


She is quite a little Miss too!

Whenever she gets into something she shouldn't I'll tell her uh, uh no. Well, she has caught on to this and often wags her little finger at us to tell us "uh, uh, no" whenever we have done something to displease her.

She is the most cuddly baby ever however and has a sweet habit of frowning quite solemnly before burying her little head into mine for a snuggle.

I call her my little mouseling on account of her big sticky out ears and round button nose.


When she is sad she likes me to sing the elephant song to her :)

I don't know why but the elephant song never fails.

She loves to ride in her ergo when she is tired, she especially likes it when I walk briskly and will often tug on my hair if I slow down.

She loves, loves, loves books, more than any baby I've ever known I think. "Peepo Baby" is her favourite book closely followed by "The Very Hungry Caterpillar"

She loves to make loud munching noises with her mouth as the Caterpillar eats his way through the book :)


Nola is a funny little character!

 She has begun to smack at me sometimes in play. However, when I pretend to cry she scrunches up her little eyes, whimpers and gives me a cuddle, then as soon as she discovers that I am okay she'll smack me again!

She is never cross when she does this, it almost seems like a kind of curiosity that motivates her.

Nola's favourite toys are the seesaw, her ball, her cuddly bears, her pull along puppy and her wooden stacker.

Her favourite foods are chocolate buttons, rice crackers, spaghetti, cheese, yogurt, pitta, hummus, bananas and raspberries.

Nola loves to go out and about.

 One of her favourite things to do is sit on the grass and pick up a few treasures such as a leaf, stick or feather and turn it about slowly between her finger and thumb as she stares intently.

The other day we were sitting close to a rabbit warren and she found a few round little raisin shapes that really caught her attention, I had to really work at distracting her from putting them in her mouth.

I did find a blade of grass in her nappy later in the day though.


Whenever Nola does anything clever, or anything she thinks is clever she will give herself a little round of applause.

She loves to be in the limelight and have all eyes fixed upon her though among strangers she is a little more coy.

She has the twinkliest eyes and she lights up our world.

My favourite time of the day is in the mornings when she first wakes up, smiles broad and snuggles close.

We are so blessed by this sweet girl.



  1. Oh Suzy Q welcome back to this space, I've missed you! I love seeing the changes in your wee little miss. They don't stay babes for long do they? It goes by too quick. The last photo is especially beautiful!

  2. welcome back! i do so hope your time of "fasting" was beneficial and blessed. love the pics of this sweet little one. and yes, they do grow so quickly!

  3. she's amazing!!!! welcome back suzy, i have so missed you!

  4. Welcome back, Suzy. Like the others, I've missed you and am so glad to hear about your little family.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Love and prayers,


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