Friday, 13 April 2012

First Birthday


Nola was a a little overwhelmed by all the excitement circling around her at first.

It was so wonderful to see my little one year old's little face slowly realize that indeed, this day was all about her :)

nola jeanne

She loved it when we all gathered around her to sing Happy Birthday.
She began to cheer and clap and dance with great exuberance.
Matilda played along on the piano, a little out of step but perfect all the same.
We had to sing Happy Birthday at least 20 times through the morning just for all those sweet smiles.


Each of the girls made a beautiful card for their baby sis.
This is Fi's card. She crayoned a picture of an elf and a rainbow.
Nola "cuddled" the elf with glee.

nola with fina's card

I wrapped a few little gifts in play silks to make it easier for her to unwrap them.


Here is a little cushion dolly I stayed up till midnight making on a whim.


She is filled with the softest lambs wool and is super cuddly.
The girls christened her Marigold, then Rose then Petal. Petal seems to have stuck the longest so far I think she looks a little like a flower petal don't you?


And here is Strawberry Shortcake, named by Boo for Nola. She will be Petal's big sister :)

nola with strawberry shortcake





nola with bubbles

Nola's birthday breakfast muffin went down well :)

nola with her cupcake

Matilda's birthday card

tilly's card

Nola loves her whistle.


My beautiful, cheeky, spirited, funny, sweet, cuddly, snuggly, clever and cute one year old!!!

nola and birthday card



  1. The dolls are lovely, and Nola...oh, what can I say? She is the sweetest little elf of a baby ever! Can't believe it has been a year already since she was born. I remember you waiting for her, and knitting little newborn things...
    Happy birthday, little elf!

  2. I does sound like a perfectly lovely day Suzy. Oh sweet, "my little buttercup baby", I love it! Your children are all so beautiful and it sounds like they are the best of friends. All of my babies are very close and call each other daily and spend most weekends together. It makes my heart swell with pride to know they will always have each other.
    Happiest of birthday's to your wee little one and I wish her a life time of happiness.

  3. happy birthday baby bear!

  4. Like Nadja, it seems amazing that it's been a year. I remember your countdown banner at the top of your blog. A very happy birthday to Nola. Your celebrations look truly wonderful - and those dolls! Amazing!

  5. Sweet happy Baby!

    And Nola's dolls are scrumptious, too.

    Happy wishes to Nola!

  6. sounds like Nola had a perfect first birthday! though tiny, no doubt she knew she is loved through and through. and one day she will know how uniquely blessed she is because of that. i think that is the best gift of all.

  7. Oh it's all so lovely. Just lovely! I enjoy your spirit and your presence here online so much my friend. May God richly bless you today. All my love.

  8. Belated Birthday Happys to Nola!!

    And a hug to you, Suzy.


  9. Belated Birthday Happys to Nola!!

    And a hug to you, Suzy.


  10. Nola is such a delight. What a special day for her. Happiest of (belated) bithday wishes to her. Jacinta

  11. Hugs to you Laure. I've missed you :)

  12. Happy birthday to your sweet little one! How I love that picture of her clapping with delight.


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