Monday, 1 December 2014

The Importance of Rest

“Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under the trees on a summer's day, listening to the murmur of water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time”
 John Lubbock 

 Mulch and Motherhood

Last week we finally racked Autumn's mulchy brown leaves from the grass to the flower beds and veggie patch.

 I think Motherhood is the mulchy leaf stage of life. Life, post birth and life with little ones is like a season of hibernation. We form nests for our young from the moss, feather and fern of ourselves. And in order to form the warmest nest we re-connect with our inner life; our childhood, our deepest truth, our limitations and our courage.

It can be hard to embrace the falling leaf of slow motion living. We have all learnt to wrestle with the restless charge to do, do, do. And although life with little ones is not always restful it embraces the inner life.

It doesn't always "look" pretty or impressive, but things are happening at an integral level.

Ground is being overturned, hard edged stones are being removed and seeds are being scattered.


The most beautiful Spring blossoms grow from compost.

Growth happens in the deepest places. 


In places of rest, and renewal we can re-birth.

Like bulbs beneath Winter's womb.

That emerge, tender and green from Spring's sunlit thaw. 

Nature knows the importance of rest. She is a great teacher.

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”
— Albert Einstein




Honouring our bodies need for rest is so essential.

If we want to accomplish things with the full presence of our minds, bodies, spirits and hearts we must be fully rested.

Fields that have been left fallow for a season always yield a greater harvest the coming year.

The  time we take to rest and nourish our inner lives reflects upon our outer lives.


Rest clarifies that which was foggy, hones our focus to a sharp point and brightens our perspective.


Instead of becoming frustrated with small details we are able to see the full panorama; the big picture.

Yet there is this inherent guilt in me that I must keep constantly preoccupied with something "useful".

I must be mindful to remember the false economy of that.


 We are still in the process of  un-learning our conditioned ideas about what is important.


We want to grow in awareness. 

And then live from that state of conscious awareness.

Life is so short.

What do we want to spend our "one wild and precious" life learning, being and doing?

We are not here to simply cram facts into our brains and pass tests.

So that we can trade the better part of our lives doing a job that neither nourishes us or our world.

We are not here to simply earn money, consume and expire.


We are not robots, statistics or numbers.

We are Human Beings each born with unique gifts, a vision, a purpose and a journey to embark on.



  1. Everything about this post I loved, especially this about mamahood
    "It doesn't always "look" pretty or impressive, but things are happening at an integral level."
    I do feel the same way about unschooling. Things are happening all the time whether they are big or small. And your thoughts on not rushing spoke clearly to me. I too am always trying to fill spaces with purposeful activity. It would be nice to remember idleness more as peacefulness :).
    That poetry slam!! Wow! I may have to link to it!! And I am glad you enjoyed I AM, definitely inspiring :).
    Btw, I am an INFP too!!

  2. For many, many years I went thru my days fighting tiredness, but boy was my house spotless. I never sat except to nurse or rock a baby and then my hands were always doing something, my mind on the next thing on my to do list.
    Now, twenty, thirty? years later I finally learned! I always wake early, 4:00, so by lunch I am tired. After we eat we now lie down, if only for 20 minutes. We may not sleep and often I don't, but at least my body is able to rest. It's important and something I wish I had learned when I was younger.
    Thank you for the great links and once again for a lovely post.

  3. I agree so much with what you say about resting. We still have 'rest-time' at our house on days we are at home at mid-day, although our youngest is now a teenager. And I too feel a lot tired-er than ten years ago. I often wonder how those grandparents who are having to bring up their grandchildren for whatever reason (quite a few of them around) manage to do it! God's grace, I suppose.

  4. Yes, we do need to allow time for rest and sometimes we just have to put 'rest' in our schedule! Sometimes at this busy time that is the solution....and I agree with you, we must not feel guilty about doing just that!

  5. This post was very mindful and nourishing. Unschooling and mamahood have brought me to a similar place, but my ability to express myself in words is not as fully realized as yours. Thanks for sharing your perspective.

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment Verde Mama. Your beautiful free spirited blog has always inspired me xx

  6. "What do we want to spend our "one wild and precious" life learning, being and doing?" I ask myself this daily. Suzy, your words and photos are so precious to me. You inspire me and lift me up dear friend. I want nothing more than to hug you tight one day.

    1. Me too Amy :) The kettle is always on for you friend (((hugs)))


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