Monday, 30 January 2012

Waldorf Style Storytime

Rebecca over at the lovely Waldorf inspired blog "Bending Birches" shared a beautiful wintertime story in a recent post.
I made my own little version of it for my girls. They were mesmerised by the quiet, details, especially the part where the snow falls soft upon the ground.

waldorf winter playscape

Simple stories really seem to capture their imaginations. They were reenacting the story over and over again afterwards adding little bits of their own as they went.

waldorf winter story

waldorf winter storytime

I have a feeling we won't be reclaiming our dining room table any time soon.


  1. What a lovely way to tell a story Suzy. I really must do the same for the little wee one here!

  2. So sweet. I remember my kiddos setting up "puppet shows" as they called them on the nature table all the time. I always loved how a green silk over a stack of magazines became a mountain and the such. I so love that imaginative side of childhood. Thanks for the reminder, something fun to do with my kiddos when are wee friends are visiting.

  3. This is so beautiful!! I think I would love to sit and join them in their play. I have a young girl here who I believe would join in as well...


  4. Lol ~ it's always the simple things that capture the imagination... looks like a fun time was had by all. Who needs a dining room table anyway? ;)

  5. oh, this is just the cutest idea for my daughter! im sure she will love it! and we'll do it together. maybe with a little help from hubby too. =) thanks to your blog because im running out of ideas to keep her busy.


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