Thursday, 5 January 2012



But one word came through louder... (or maybe quieter) than any of the others...


And not just the "silent" meditative, all the laundry folded, dishes done and kids tucked in bed kind either... a kind so rarely found.

But a kind of peace that the world cannot give.... a peace that surpasses all understanding.

A peace that says ...hope.... ....believe.... take joy... ... free.... ...content.... ...blessed...

... for you are beloved...


And you are held by God through every undulation, cadence, valley and mountaintop.

And when things don't always make sense on the outside. You can still trust in the goodness that comes from within... From that source, from God, from Peace himself.

Because peace is a person not a place.

Peace comes from within, not without.


Like a ripple it runs it's gentle course through the conflicting currents of the surface tensions.

Bestowing the rhythm of it's vital breathe to the very furthest shores.

Beyond the reach of a human hand it heals and revives...

I pray to let go a little and allow it's waters keep me afloat this year.


may your new year be filled with gifts friends :)



  1. A simply beautiful post Suzy. I think you and I are traveling along the same path these days.
    Have a wonderful day with that beautiful family of yours!
    Much love!

  2. beautiful sentiments, every one! praying for you along your journey.

  3. What a beautiful post. I agree completely that Peace must come from within, no matter how chaotic things are around one. But it's so hard to lean back, trust, and float sometimes! Let me know if you find some good tricks ;-)

  4. Beautiful, perfect, true. Happy new year Suzy and Family!

  5. oh friend.

    me too. i want this too. xo

  6. lovely, lovely. thank you.

  7. Yes. I almost can't say more. That is the peace that keeps me going every day. It took me most of my lifetime up until this point to discover that kind of peace, but having found it I hope never to forget. Please remind me if I do. :)


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