Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Love is Reckless... a month of poetry...

Taking it quietly this month :)... I'm planning on posting some favourite poems instead of full length articles for the rest of August...
Sending love and hugs till the end of the Summer...

soft orange glow

Love is Reckless

Love is reckless; not reason.

Reason seeks a profit.

Love comes on strong,

consuming herself, unabashed.

openness 2

Yet, in the midst of suffering,

Love proceeds like a millstone,

hard surfaced and straightforward.

Having died of self-interest,

bokeh fire

she risks everything and asks for nothing.

Love gambles away every gift God bestows.

Without cause God gave us Being;

without cause, give it back again.




  1. Being able to choose is one of the best things.

    I like this choice of yours, Suzy.

  2. Lovely! Look forward to the next poem. Do relax! My best! Cathy


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