Wednesday, 31 August 2011

{from The Hymn of Jesus} from the Acts of John.... concluding a month of poetry...

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I want to be saved... and I want to save. Amen.
I want to be set free... and I want to free. Amen.
I want to be born... and I want to give birth. Amen.
I want to hear... and I want to be heard.
Sweetness dances. I want to pipe; all of you dance. Amen.
I want to run away... and I want to stay. Amen.
I want to make you beautiful... and I want to be beautiful.
I want to join with you... and I want to be joined. Amen.

I have no house... and I have houses. Amen.
I have no ground... and I have ground. Amen.
I have no temple... and I have temples...Amen.
If you look at me... I will be a lamp. Amen.
If you see me... I will be a mirror. Amen.
If you knock on me... I will be a door. Amen.
If you are a traveller... I will be a road. Amen.
This is my dance... Answer me with dancing.

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  1. Perfect way to end the month.
    I have enjoyed reading all the poems
    this month..thank you.xx

  2. A beautiful poem, and those photographs are stunning. I really like how the poem expresses that two opposite things are one and the same, really.


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