Saturday, 6 August 2011

{At first she came to me pure} ... a month of poetry


At first she came to me pure,
dressed only in her innocence;
and I loved her as we love a child.

Then she began putting on
clothes she picked up somewhere;
and I hated her, without knowing it.

She gradually became a queen,
the jewelry was blinding...
What bitterness and rage!

...She started going back towards nakedness.
And I smiled.

Soon she was back to the single shift
of her old innocence.
I believed in her a second time.

Then she took off the cloth
and was entirely naked...

Naked poetry, always mine,
that I have loved my whole life.

Juan Ramon Jimenez

...And so maybe it is with a soul's journey too.

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  1. Beautiful! As a mom, I remember each son's innocent souls - and then I see them battling who God made them to be - and they walk away but how my heart rejoices as they turn and choose to be who God created them to be:) What an inspiring poem! Full of hope!


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