Friday, 27 May 2011

Like Bread Upon the Waters

Sometimes i feel like I'm forgetting everything.

There are the little things, the extraneous such as...

Forgetting the laundry's on the line before it rains.
Forgetting how to spell a word,
Defrost the fish,
Post the mail.

Still sometimes I worry that I'll forget the big stuff like...
What it felt like to fall in love with you.

You know the first time we met
I looked into your dark, beautiful eyes
And understood
That I recognized you.

And still, when I look into your eyes I see my love wading out there.
Unafraid among the current and surge.

Days woven of unnoticed, ordinary moments.

Un-spun and abandoned, like fleece on fence posts.

Like unprocessed negatives of photographs we'll never print.

And I worry no more
About laying them down upon the waters.

In the days to come,
When we are old,
They'll moor like luggers.
Along this river.
And feed us memories,

Warm as bread.


  1. Oh! how beautiful SuzyQ! Just exquisite...yes, trusting that they are indestructible--a gift for me this a.m. with love:-)

  2. so beautiful. So lovely. Thank you for this little piece of beauty here today. Many blessings in HIM who gives all. ;-)

  3. Simply and poetically LOVELY!
    Thank you.

  4. oh suzy. i've missed you. i love this post... and what a good reminder, just as my hubby and i are sitting down for date night. love to you, sister.

  5. Oh yes, I agree with the others - love the notion that some memories are indestructible, whether or not we always remember them. Just beautiful. thank you



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