Wednesday, 10 November 2010

A Little Bird in his Divine Nest - Yarn Along

Joining Ginny today for two of my favourite things... reading and knitting.

I started working on the bootees last night from this lovely free pattern I found a couple of years ago.

These sweet bootees knit up so quickly and are great fun to make. I can already tell that this little baby will have a pair in every colour.
...Next on the list? duckling yellow mittens of course.

To accompany my knitting I am returning again to a wonderful little book called "The Reed of God" by Caryll Houselander.

I tend to bring it out from the dusty shelves almost instinctively at this time of year. 
As the nights draw in and Advent seems but a breath away it keeps perfect company of an evening.
 It is my favourite advent meditation and never fails to draw me closer to Mary's heart every time I open it.
Here is a little excerpt...

"Through Mary of Nazareth Christ is born again and again in the individual heart.
‘Blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus’ the little children say. And they do not understand what they say. But as they grow older, with the angel’s prayer in their hearts, they begin to understand that this ‘fruit’ is the Life of Christ born again in the world, always, everywhere.
Our Lady is in heaven.
On earth the breath of the spring is stirring the young green corn. The song of the shepherd is heard in lambing time.
In heaven the music of the Incarnation is uttered eternally in its first simplicity:
The Mother has found the lost Child.
The empty Chalice is brimming with wine.
The Reed is filled with infinite music.
The Divine Little Bird is in His nest."
"The Reed of God" Caryll Houselander


  1. That book sounds wonderful and you little knits are so cute!

  2. I just love it and can't wait to see duckling yellow mittens!

  3. Oh the booties and hat are just lovely. I wish I had learn to knit when mine were little. Now I need to have friends having babies or wait for grandbabies.

    Blessings, Elizabeth

  4. I absolutely adore Advent and am always looking for new books-- thanks for pointing a new one out! The booties and hat are adorable.

  5. Oh, so sweet, that yellow is delicious!


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