Saturday, 31 July 2010

Make a Summer Fairy Hair Wreath...

Bujana my very own Summer garden fairy, has had so much fun wearing this fairy wreath that we made together this afternoon! She still has it on... in peaceful slumber in the bunk bed fairy den the girls made today!
I suggested to her that the theme could be Summer. Bujana chose the "summery" colours that she wanted the flowers, ribbon and buttons from her fabric scrap basket and button box.

First we measured around her head with a tape measure and cut a piece of florists wire to the same size adding on an extra inch or so for the wrapping.
Then we twisted it into a circle, tying a long piece of ribbon to the part where the wire joined itself, wrapping it securely it all the way around.
Bujana really enjoyed twisting the ribbon around the wire frame!

I drew some flower and leaf shapes onto card and cut them out. Then I traced around the templates onto some pretty, summery coloured felt.

Then I carefully cut out the pieces.
Bujana sewed the button onto the flowers first then I helped add the leaves underneath because that part was a little trickier.
Then she sewed the three oak leaves together with a button in the centre.

I sewed the finished flowers and leaves onto the top of the wreath using the long end of the thread still attached. Hooking through the wrapped ribbon and then back up through the button hole till secure.

Bujana couldn't wait to run outside to show the fairy garden fairies her new creation!

I think they were impressed :)


  1. The fairies aren't the only ones to be impressed ...

  2. oh, i hope i have a girl someday so i can do these kinds of things with her...

  3. such pretty hair under that wreath ...

  4. I love this! Especially the first photo, with the colorful wreath against the black and white background!

  5. Gorgeous!!!! What a beautiful idea...I'm totally inspired!
    xo maureen

  6. Your photos are so beautiful, I appreciate creating flower crowns all summer long your creation is absolutely lovely!


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