Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Wash Wednesday

I had a little help

with my wash wednesday post!

The ordinary everyday brims quiet with sacred moments...

From the rousing sounds of children within the walls of the house I step, unnoticed into birdsong and the rustle of leaves overhead.

Small hands, grasp and clutch and bury and reach. And I inhale deep the moment, learning the blessing of slow lived, *real time* life.

The space it opens for me to simply be and enjoy the moment with her.

The embracing of the dawning day with a basket load under arm, and a silent, waiting line.

The decoration of socks and skirts abundant in late afternoon breeze.


  1. Those sweet little girl dresses ... and the light!

  2. that's the last straw I am hanging a clothes line! Thanks for being the straw to break this camels back, we needed it

  3. Sweet and beautiful... I love the last photo!


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