Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Sunshine After Rain

My Mother brings me Sweet Williams wrapped in brown paper.
The sunlight offers a gift of green silence. A gentle, womb of space.
I take her offerings, both the wrapped and the unwrapped.

And show the brown eyed girl how to cut stems, peal leaves and arrange blooms in ice clear glass.
Once submerged wilting petals revive almost instantly.
So do I.

Words, unguarded somehow escape like the sudden dash of light within a writhing cloud.
 Unnamed spaces grace long ago, sun draped days.

 Held tight for years. Like a bud.

In the sunlight, her hair is almost pure white. She is getting old now. I notice more and more, the slowing movement. The squinting eyes in search of beloved child smiles.

And in this space of both sunlight and rain I let go. And I embrace. And both feel equally good and right.


  1. Oh Suzy! This is beautiful and heartrending. The word pictures you have drawn bring to mind such life and such death, such peace and such sorrow. I am grateful for the child smiles I can still give my 96 year old mother. May we be able to give these precious women more pieces of us with time. And feel their love.
    May your day be blessed.
    ~ linda

  2. I'm speechless! Truly beautiful!! Cathy

  3. very touching and beautifully expressed.
    my losses were very early, and yet that tore my heart both times. hugs

    i wanted to say that i love your photos throughout your blog.


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