Friday, 25 June 2010

Live Slowly and Simply... Have Eyes of Wonder

"Live slowly and simply, so that you have the time and space to love deeply and well

Hold your children close, as often as possible. 

Look deeply into their eyes, speak words of life, love and acceptance, into, and over them."

Jewels (Eyes of Wonder)


  1. Beautiful photos and inspiring quotes. I especially love the photo of the butterfly, it looks like it has some outrageous wings till you realize its a flower behind. Thanks for sharing!

  2. you really know how to capture life in the lens. utterly beautiful. and i love jewel.

  3. Your children are beautiful! Jewels has not posted but her daughter Rosie has just written a little post about what has been going on with their family. Everything good! God bless,Rose

  4. I feel warmth and summer in your photos.

  5. Oh, a love letter in PICTURES, moments gathered up. Lovely, lovely children. Yes, I was so blessed. Thank-you.


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