Friday, 19 February 2010

Making A Home Alter

This is our little home alter.

It is a beautiful, quiet peaceful spot for the children to come to during the day
. I also take refuge at our home alter to recharge, re centre and re orientate myself to what really matters in our day.

It is so easy to get carried away with a whirlwind of activities throughout the week. A special sacred space to stop and gaze and still and listen in a little corner of the home is a perfect reminder of what matters most.
The nurturing of children's hearts and spirits.

The girls love to decorate our little alter with candles and ornaments.
They love to pick fresh flowers for Mary, Jesus and the Holy Family.
On feast days the alter is a perfect place to gather special symbolic items such as shamrocks on Saint Patrick's Day.

Inside the cupboard is a collection of old prayer books, children's prayer books, A Bible and some writing books and pencils. The children (and I) often use the writing book to put down our thoughts and write our own mini prayers which is very healing and therapeutic.
If there have been squabbles or discord, the alter is a wonderful place to gather and come to God together.

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