Monday, 30 November 2009

First Sunday of Advent Reflection

We celebrated the first Sunday of advent yesterday. The first purple candle was brought to life upon the wreath and we reflected with prayers together.

Tell the timid to take heart
The Lord God will come,
The Lord will come soon and not delay

God will make the darkest places bright
See, God shall appear,
God shall not decieve,

The Lord will come quickly

Come Lord Jesus, send forth your spirit and renew the face of the earth

Be on watch, stay awake

The Lord is near
Watch with a sharp eye

The Lord is near

Look, all around you, see,
The Lord is near.


We have started to recite the Saint Andrew Novena. And are preparing our Jesse tree for it's first ornament!

Here are some great links for traditional advent prayers, feastdays and activities from fisheaters website
And here for homeschoolers from Serendipity

Like the bare branches of the trees outside. Our reflections are quiet, still and unembellished.
We unadorn and wait with simplicity. Emptying our heart so that it may make a fitting manger for the child to lay when christmas comes.