Thursday, 17 September 2009

some of our fun homeschooling activities this week

Bujana's papier mache bowl made by lining a pudding bowl with cling film before adding layers of papier mache made with strips of old newspaper and pva glue then waiting to dry... before painting a rainbow out of it:)

Matilda loves to sew. I recently bought her a small piece of cross stitch canvas and she chose some nice big chunky buttons to sew onto it with a thick needle.

We have recently acquired some new "pets". The girls have had lots of fun watching their worm friend dig and tunnel through this home made worm house.

We layered soil and sand over some small stones at the bottom and covered the top with leaves which decompose into the soil over time.

It is a great way for the little ones to understand how earth worms fertilize the ground.