Sunday, 5 July 2009

Saturday Sewing with Emmy... Sew a simple vintage looking bookmark using scraps, trims and leftover fabric...

* Simple, Vintage Bookmarks! An easy first time machine sewing project for kids!

( This project only uses super easy straight line sewing)
*First choose the scraps, trims and pieces of leftover fabric you want to use.
This is a great way to use up those leftover odds and ends at the bottom of your sewing box!

Take a piece of lace to use as backing and start laying the other trims over the top. When you find a design you like sew each trim on separately, one by one.

The back stays clean looking as it is white and lacy.

light coloured trim like this powder blue sequin scrap hide the top stitching when layered over the top.

Keep the ends of the bookmark a little raggedy :)
It adds to the charm!

Some Victoriana style buttons finish the bookmark off nicely...
Emmy had a lot of fun making these... They are so simple, fun, quick and easy for children to make when first starting to sew.
Emmy is going to give each of her friends one of these as a leaving present before they all go off to high school this September.
I think they make a pretty gift.

Here is another design using the same technique...