Thursday, 14 May 2009

Some thoughts on the unfolding joys of homeschooling

Over the last few weeks or so, it seems, the homeschooling has suddenly clicked together into a beautiful rhythm all of it's own.
It might sound crazy to say ( as I have 3 small girls in the house all day with me) but life seems to be so peaceful, so natural.
There are of course moments of rush, there are tantrums, there is spilt milk, as is normal, but there is a pervading sense of calm and gentleness of pace which graces us through these times,when they come. Coming less and less as they do when routines are moulded to fit the truly important things in life.

These spaces enable us to gain both the time and perspective needed to take the positive out of every experience, even a small disagreement over toys. Natural learning incorporates every detail of life. Learning is not compartmentalised.
In the adventure of living in their own natural environment the children learn what it is to share, what it is to give to those younger than yourself first. We take the time to talk about those children who don't even have toys and how lucky we are to have the ones we have. We come to a conclusion that we might show our thankfulness by generously sharing with one another.

I learn too. So much.... I learn more about patience and giving out more and more of my love freely and easily and finding more and more peace in return.
I learn that beyond weakness lies strength, His strength.
And I learn about how each strand of a day can weave the most wonderful picture for a child. A picture that will fill her future with the colour of strong, nurturing, sustaining memories.

Ten minutes here reading a favourite picture book. Ten minutes there discussing the possible inner worlds of mini beasts.
The building of an arc, The painting of a flower, the treasures hidden in the sandpit, the reading of simple stories, the forming of words and sentences all of your own, the steady understanding of the logic of numbers, the spark in the eyes as something is understood, captured, realised for the very first time. And of course plenty of time to run and play and just be, as a child should be given the space to do.

I am so glad we took this leap of faith. Bujana is so happy with her sisters and everything is fitting together piece by piece into the right picture for our family.

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  1. The picture you've painted is quite beautiful. Isn't it amazing what some people miss out on when they fail to recognize the power in truly training your own children?


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