Monday, 20 April 2009

A Perfect Spring Day

We started the day early.

The sky was bright and blue and it seemed to be calling us out for a walk by the river.

So after returning some library books and borrowing some new ones we headed out toward the park.

We strolled along the river bank.

The children pointing at darting trout, moor hens sitting upon their nests and the many different Spring flowers that they have learnt to identify recently.

Then we came across the most beautiful sight.

A Mother duck with what seemed like about 20 hatchings.

The baby ducks could only have been days old they were tiny!

I don't know if the mother duck had adopted a few, or was "duck sitting" or something or if indeed they were all hers, but she cared for them all really tenderly, nudging them against the shallows of the bank with her round bill.

The funny thing was that she was a white alesbury and half the ducklings with her were yellow but the other have were patterned like the bown wild ducks?

Well they were all loved by her.

Unfortunately I didn't take the camera with us.

After our walk we went to the park to play.

Then got some ice-cream, came home and had a picnic in the garden.

All in all it was a beautiful Spring day.

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