Saturday, 1 August 2015

Berry Picking {52 project }

Matilda and Nola (two peas in a pod)

Sharing a portrait of my children every week for a year. 

The only one missing is my eldest who is away this week.

Sharing with Jodi and {52 project }

Seraphina in serious berry picking mode.
Beautiful Boo


Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Beach Pottery

 My hands are itchy, they have to make, craft, form and mold. Even if that means simply arranging flowers in a jar, quotes in a journal or feathers on a windowsill.

We found these beautiful chalk pebbles at the sea a couple of weeks ago.
In their perfectly formed clods I saw a bird, a pear, a whale, a bear.... The children were inspired.

I used to love to use charcoal as a medium. It is messy. Beware and prepared with old shirt's and warm soapy cloths on hand. 
I remember buying some shards of charcoal years ago ( the brittle stick type they used to sell ) with my school trip pocket money. Scarcely holding the feathery sticks between my fingers lest they disintegrate I made endless spidery lines that would eventually be smudged to incoherence.

 The beauty of charcoal is it washes off the stone quite easily if you make a mistake. I will seal these pebbles with clear nail polish to preserve their designs.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Two little hats

Finally finished two little hats for two little girls.  
The pattern is from the book Simple knits for little cherubs.
The yarn used is Sirdar Divine.

Joining Frontier Dreams, Small Things & Natural Suburbia

We cannot understand anything in isolation


 "We cannot understand anything in isolation. We have to look at the connection."  Gabor Mate
The Buddha taught the interconnected nature of phenomena.
“Contemplate the nature of interconnected arising (everything thing causing everything else) during every moment.

When you look at a leaf or a raindrop, meditate on all the conditions near or distant that have contributed to the presence of that leaf or raindrop.

 Know that the world is woven of interconnected strands; this is because that is, this is not because that is not, this is born because that is born, this dies because that dies.

The birth and death of any phenomena is connected to the birth and death of all other phenomena.
The one contains the many and they many contain the one.

Without the one there cannot be the many and without the many there cannot be the one."


Monday, 27 July 2015

Cleaning tips - from the occasional obsessive compulsive cleaning woman within

The house is getting that kind of lived in look that can only happen come Sunday tea time. 
I've decided that there will be no cleaning on weekends, they are too precious, too fleeting and too necessary.

I used to do a Saturday morning deep clean but gave it up some years ago with no regrets.
People sometimes ask how it can be possible keep a cleanish house with 5 children and two animals.
I think it goes back to my childhood. My dear Mum was a hoarder (as in "The Hoarder Next Door" type of hoarder)
It was often necessary to breathe in before attempting to squeeze through the doors of our home and the staircase resembled an assault course.

When Emmy was 5 and Boo was a baby we moved into our first house. It was an unloved council house with no carpet, an over grown garden and peeling wallpaper. I spent our first two weeks there in borderline OCD deep clean mode.

I am much calmer now. Things that would have niggled me in the past now seem silly and inconsequential. Life is too short to plump up the cushions every time they've been sat on, (or slam dunked by a 4 year old).
I remember one light-bulb moment. It was after Seraphina's birth which took me a long time to recover from both mentally and physically (she had shoulder dystocia).  I realized that would have to move past my annoyance of books shelved spine first and the dust-bowl forming under the computer desk. 
It was down to silly standards or sanity.
So now I've got my housekeeping down to a basic rule which I follow to the letter (to placate the occasional obsessive  cleaning woman within.)

After we breakfast and dress we get on with our own cleaning routines. 
For the kidlets this means hair/teeth brushing, face washing and bedroom tidying. 
Tani, Boo, Emmy and I rotate loading the dishwasher, sweeping the floors, wiping the surfaces, changing the bins, cleaning and refilling animal bowls and making sure no one has attempted to flush a Lego friend down the loo (It's happened before)

Then it's what I like to refer to as a "free for all" until 4pm. 
I don't worry about mess making at all during the day. 
I tell myself everything will be okay, this too will pass and let myself fully enjoy the moments of glitter, glue and free range lego... And it's good.

At 4pm  it's movie time (or minecraft time for the older ones). But before the fun begins, we all straighten up the house, including hoovering, sweeping, garden clean up and toy clean up. Once every two weeks or so I'll do windows, polishing, dusting etc...

One more thing. Every day I try to make at least one corner of my home beautiful, either with cut flowers or wildflowers in jars, candles, beautiful pebbles, shells, a cosy corner of blankets and cushions or a favourite book turned to a favourite page left on table, window-ledge or desk for inspiration. 

After all, home is for the nurturing of the souls of all who dwell there. So that has become my priority.

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Peaceful Seeds

  • Sitting by the French doors with knitting in hands watching the rain fall in streams on the grateful plants
  • The smell of rained-on earth
  • Sunlight seeping through dim cloud
  • Saturday morning conversation and croissants
  • The sacred quiet of early morning 
  • Scones made by Matilda
  • Tomatoes on the vine
  • Sylvie dog curled up at the end of the bed.

Joining Wooly Moss Roots &;  A Field of Wild Flowers.
            & Little by Little