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Under the Dragon Star - a book review

Bujana just finished reading a really wonderful book. It is a magical YA fantasy novel that we both really fell in love with. If you or your kids love beautifully written prose and tales that take you somewhere far away in your imagination you will love Under the Dragon Star. Here is her review.

Book review – Under the Dragon Star

Title of book: Under the Dragon star
Author: Kira Lily Nash

Summary: Analai is a young girl who was born and brought up in the magical land of Mairbell. She lives in the castle with her Father, King Johin and Elder brother who had mysteriously disappeared after being sent to the City. Her Mother had disappeared mysteriously when Analai was nine, leaving no trace but an enigmatic pendent. After many years of living within the boundaries of Mairbell, Analai discovers that war will soon be upon them. Fearful of the future she desperately struggles to learn everything she can about her magical gifts and how to use them to defend her homeland and her family. To have any hope of saving her home, Analai must travel the kingdom to find help to tame the hidden magic that lies within her and use it to defeat the darkness.
With the help and trust of her loyal friends, she knows she has the power to  free her world. First though, she needs to be able to see them.

Who are your Favourite characters and why: My favourite characters are Analai, Renpa and Raila. I love all these characters because I can relate to them in different ways. I love Raila because she shares a sweet and special bond with Analai's magic dragon Renpa.
I love Renpa because of his innocence and clumsiness. Renpa is a small, old and slow little dragon who loves to eat cake and wear hats. He shares a special bond with Analai and will defend her whenever she is in danger. He is a big softy and will love anyone who is willing enough to give him a good belly rub. But whenever his friends are in need of his help, he will always be there for them to rely on.
Analai is brave and her soul has a deep longing for adventure, but she loves her family, and would move mountains for the ones she cares about. The journey that takes her far beyond her borders is not just a journey to save her homeland and find help, but a journey to find what is hidden deep inside of her and finally understand who she is and who she is meant to be.

 What words would you use to best describe this book? The book was very adventurous and full of vivid descriptive imagery. I could  picture everything that was happening and became easily engrossed in the story. I was captivated by the characters and loved curling up in my favourite chair and letting my mind sink into the world of Analai. 

Did you care about the characters and why? The wonderful thing about this book is that the characters in it are so varied and diverse that practically anyone can relate a part of themselves to at least one of the characters. Seeing something that reflects a part of you inside of someone else is a great ways to get people to care about the characters feelings. I found that I could really relate Analai, because I am still young, I am also in the search for who I am and who I want to be.

What is your favourite part of the book and why? My favourite part of the book is when Rasod, Renpa and Analai and all her friends get to Rasod’s house. In the house Analai practices her magic by baking a cake and uses her powers to lift the ingredients into the cake mix and bake it with her magic. I like this part of the book because, after journeying far through the kingdom and desperately struggling for everything she knows, Analai can finally feel the comforts of a warm bed and warm food and at last get to enjoy doing things in her spare time such as baking a cake. This part of the story makes me feel happy and relaxed like I am home that is why I like this scene the best.

What would you rate this book out of ten and why?
I would rate this Novel a Nine out of ten because it was  an exciting, adventurous and magical book. It was a very inspiring tale and I finished it with a great longing to read more. I also loved the atmosphere that wove its way through the book. I felt as if I'd really spent some time in a completely different world. I  recommend this book for ten to sixteen year olds but I think that adults would enjoy it too!

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  1. What a great review. Now I want to read the book too. The dragon sounds just wonderful, and I love how the heroine uses magic to bake a cake.


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