Saturday, 21 October 2017

Print Making - Custom Printing on Fabric

Matilda has started her Silver Arts Award which in the UK, is equivalent to a GCSE. As a homeschooling family we are always looking for alternative ways for the children to gain the qualifications they need to progress on their own unique path.
As part of the Award Matilda has to design and create her own craft projects and tutorials.
She has been fascinated with printmaking ever since watching the lovely video below from the company Seasalt and so she modified the technique and had a go at it herself.
The printing part was a lot of fun. But tea-towels are harder to make than you'd think! There are lots of outtakes of us fiddling about trying to get the corners to match. Thank goodness for editing software.

Matilda has always loved textiles. It makes me so incredibly happy to see her flourish in this area. She has faced some educational challenges over the years. She had delayed speech development which effected her ability to communicate for her first four years. She also has auditory, processing issues which effect her ability to process, organise and remember information.

But she has always loved to make and create. Whereas my other kids can get bored with the sometimes (patience building) repetitiveness and methodism of handwork Matilda, like her Mama, finds peace in its gentle rhythms. Its so special for me to watch her skills develop.

Hope you enjoy :)

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