Friday, 1 April 2016

[Soulfood Friday}

 Some small but perfectly formed fragments from the week...

Nola's mothers day bulb is growing in the sunlight on the kitchen windowsill. She waters it diligently and with great care and sincere love. She is clearly better at keeping houseplants  than I am.

Nola runs to me daily with her "work." I originally thought this drawing looked a little moonblinked until I realized those are cheeks not eyes. Four year old's drawings make me smile :)

Seraphina and her beloved guitarlele!

You can't tell in this picture but she is getting a sprinkling of freckles on her nose. My determined, funny, busy little Spring born sprite.
 Apparently boy babies eat more than girl babies. Or so I've heard. Emmy has not been getting much sleep but she is persevering and that babymoon adrenaline is filling the gaps in the meantime. She is coping so well. It is both surreal and beautiful to watch your baby tend her own baby. 
Babies change so quickly. He is barely 3 weeks old but it feels like he's been here forever.
His dark blue eyes gaze about with such intensity. His hair is curled, cow-licked and his toes are just about reaching the bottom of his baby grows and rompers now.

We have had a busy few days this half term. 
Yesterday the girls enjoyed the sunshine and played out all day with friends. Today we had a cobbled together, finger foods and tidbits for lunch, Easter eggs for pudding day. 
I caught up on some reading while the girls watched a movie and pottered about and began work on an astrological chart reading for a friend of a friend. A satisfyingly ordinary, day.

The Spring flowers are in full bloom now. I hope the weekend will be sunny enough for me to take a few photos. It's been a long Winter and I'm finally feeling somewhat Springish. I even cleaned out my pantry and half a kitchen cupboard. (I was interrupted mid-clean by a little person and thus ran out of inspiration for the other half.)

I've decided I'm going to do something rather un-unschoolish and write out a bit of a schedule for Boo and I once term commences again. I may even use water colours and pretty pinterest fonts!
Although I'm not one to stick tightly to routines it feels good to add some framework to our days. Perhaps for no other reason than to feel it is actually possible to cover the subjects we want to without running out of time, which we always seem to be doing. 

I am also excited to schedule in time for my own work along with what I affectionately refer to as "cloudwatching time." That wonderful, much maligned but oh so very necessary time of doing not very much at all. 
It might not sound very spontaneous and we'll probably mix it up a bit and I'm feeling a little nostalgic for our old colour washed Waldorf daily rhythm planners.

Rhythm is embedded in the very fabric of nature. It is something we all need a little of perhaps. Maybe the changing seasons are good reminders of this.

Happy Weekend xx


Every Friday I'll be pausing to notice something from the week that has nourished my soul. 

A special, sacred-everyday moment captured on camera, or perhaps a snippet from a book, a recipe still warm from the kitchen or something whimsical that simply made me smile.
Here are a few simple things that have fed my soul this week. 

What has inspired/fed/nourished your soul this week friends? 
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  1. Rhythm is something I need, and my little man seems to need it too. Just knowing the flow of our days, our week, and our year helps both of us feel secure and happy. That is not to say we aren't spontaneous, there is always room for that, but our rhythm is the cornerstone and something we always return too. Good luck with your new rhythm, and I have to say I like the idea of cloud watching time :)

    Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Love the way your put a sentence together. Cloud Watching is one of my most inspiring things to do. Rained 2 days here but cloud watching is going on big time on my cloud-watching deck.

  3. A delightful post full of such love and tenderness! Wishing you well!

  4. it must be very special to see your daughter with her own baby...
    cute drawing!

  5. Lovely post.
    Especially I like Seraphina's guitarlele. I have never seen such an instrument.
    And I love your little daughter's drawing. It reminds me of my Ola's pictures. They look similarly.
    Have a lovely weekend all!

  6. Your fragments are beautiful. We have a loose routine here intertwined with a strong rhythm, it kind of works which we are ok with ;)

  7. My daughter suffered a miscarriage before Christmas but is expecting again and into her second trimester. We know the baby is a boy. I loved reading your post and cannot wait to meet my beautiful grandson.

    1. I am so sorry to hear about your daughters miscarriage. It is wonderful news that she is expecting again. I am sure you can't wait to snuggle your new baby Grandson :)

  8. I had a little giggle at this because it snowed for us here today. Perfect little days :)

  9. Hi Suzy,
    Thanks so much for hosting. Have a great weekend!


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