Monday, 30 November 2015

Random Six


  • We went to London over the weekend. The protest against bombing Syria had a very good turn out. I pray that clarity takes precedence and we don't become involved in initiating WW3. How quickly do we forget how violence can only beget violence.

 "Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that."
Martin Luther King

  •  There was an old man sitting on the corner of a crowded street near Trafalgar. He spoke with a thick accent but I couldn't discern it's origin. He wore an old battered suit and carried a polystyrene cup with a few bits of change in it. Matilda asked me if we could give him some money. I rummaged in my purse for coins. I don't tend to carry money and wished I'd planned ahead a bit better. I was worried that it might seem humiliating for him to receive money from a child but she wanted to make a connection with him. He smiled the most gentle and kind smile and blew her a kiss. As we walked down the street I noticed that she had tears in her eyes. She came up to me the following evening saying she wanted to pray for that man. The wind is blowing hard tonight and the sky is cold and starless. I wonder where he is. I hope he is keeping warm and dry. I wish I had given more. From now on I'll make it a policy to always carry enough spare change.

  • I have been learning quite a bit about the Chakras recently. From what I have read it seems I have some blockages in my Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras. These Chakras govern basic survival, the adrenals, a sense of belonging and self worth. I am aware there are many reasons why I have issues with these three lower Chakras. I hope to find some time to meditate and heal these vulnerable parts of my psyche. I often find myself giving away my centredness to others. My energy drains easily in social groups and I find myself absorbing others auras sometimes adopting their emotional states without consciously realizing it. I want to become more aware, awake, compassionate to myself and centered in my own energy. I would like my soul to feel safe in my body and I want to build on my sense of belonging.

  • The best porridge recipe ever: Cook your oats in milk with a pinch of salt to taste. Once served drizzle a big teaspoon of honey over. Add a sprinkling of ground flax. Throw on two big handfuls of chopped strawberries and bananas and a few seeds of your choice, pumpkin, sunflower, flax, hemp etc... Mmmmm. A proper cold day breakfast.

  • Sparrow hawk is finally finished and ready for a family to adopt him. It's been hard to come to the decision to let him go. There isn't much boy energy in this house and I wanted him to keep me company in the sewing room. But I suppose there is only so many dolls a home can have before the people become outnumbered.

 It's a boy! Our first grandchild, dearly loved already.


  1. love all the pictures. a grandson, congrats

  2. I pray we aren't on the thresh hold of WW III too Suzy Mae, and hope the powers that be will do all things possible for peace, love and compassion.
    Thank you for the oat recipe, it looks really good and just as soon as cold weather finds us once again I will be preparing it.
    Congratulations on the news member to be.

  3. Hurray for the baby boy! The story of your Matilda still having that beautiful innocence of heart that is so kind and good brought heaven close to me today.

  4. I too hope we are not on the verge of WWIII, it does feel like a very fragile situation we are in. I do hope that the vote means no to our country intervening.

    Matilda sounds a lot like my Cameron. We came across a few homeless people in Edinburgh, we don't see them at all where we live. He wanted to give them all money, he got a huge smile from each of them and returned to me with tears in his eyes.

  5. My prayers are the same, we need peace, not war.

    Congratulations on your grandson, such exciting news!!!!

  6. Congratulations on your grandson :-) I love the doll. And the porridge looks wonderful - we always soak our oats overnight in almond milk, it makes such a difference.

  7. I am also heavily effected by the moods of those around me. I think it is pretty common. All the more reason for us to work on keeping ourselves calm and light. Maybe we can positively impact others.

    Congrats on the little one. How about saving the doll to gift to your grandson?

  8. sparrow would be a good friend for your coming little grandson :)
    we won't reach peace through war, but when it comes to money issues, we the people don't have a word, they won't hear us...

  9. oh my! a grandson! <3 wonderful!
    recently i have made a decision to carry a few dollars in my purse to hand out. we, as a culture, i think tend to not carry cash, but i want to be able to help.
    i have been studying about chakras a little bit here and there for years. doing work on them has helped so much over the years.

  10. Oh how exciting. Your first grandchild. Nothing like it. I can hardly wait for you to enjoy this blessing. We have 10 and now 2 great grands. Life is good when surrounded with love. Blessings.

  11. My heartiest congratulations!!! It's a BOY!!


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