Sunday, 9 August 2015

Summer so far...

Aquilegias, my favourite Summer flower.
Seraphina became an 8 year old
Many posies were squeezed into jam jars

We made lots of homemade tea

Seraphina made a skirt for herself

We went to the meadow

We dug for potatoes

Saved a clutch of orphaned Grey Partridge Chicks
Matilda made a yarn basket fairy for me
We got lost in the woods, more than once.

Wondered and pondered down country lanes

Helped "dead head" and "weed" in the garden.

Planted sunflowers (we are still waiting for them to appear)
Went to end of year Summer dance at school

Fed neighbor ponies large quantities of apples
Boo made herself a pair of wings

planted pansies in every corner

picked berries

found a magical, old fashioned gypsy caravan, campfire, piebald ponies and all, parked along the lane.

took photos and made scrapbooks

noticed signs of Autumn budding upon the bough


  1. Looking upon your photos makes me wish I lived across the pond and could experience a summer like yours, it's all so beautiful, just beautiful!

  2. Gosh summer is beautiful where you live. And your family is beautiful. Enjoy!

  3. looks like a beautiful summer.

  4. Wonderful post Suzy. Your pictures are beautiful as are your family. A delightful way to spend the summer.

  5. such an amazing summer you are having. <3 like a fairy tale

  6. a fairy summer... lovely!


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