Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Hat and Gloves {Yarn Along}

Last night I finished my hat and sewed up the seams on my second glove.

Either my tension was a bit off or my head is unusually small because the hat is a little loose.
I think I might gather the back seam and sew it a little tighter.

Saying that, I do like the pattern very much. I like the garter stitch edge and the artisan/casual look as my daughter describes it :)

I used Sirdar Divine Yarn in Lucia for both the hat and gloves.
The hat was made using  this Ravelry pattern.
The gloves were made using a pattern from Erica Knight's Classic Collection.


Joining Frontier Dreams and Yarn Along


  1. Oh how I love them - the colours... the style.... just perfect!

  2. The colors are just amazing. The gold just glows!

  3. Supercute!! I love the color!!

  4. No matter what you wear, you always look like a Botticelli painting...


  5. Beautiful photos and beautiful colours.

  6. Gorgeous! Inspired by you I think my next project will be a poncho using the Divine. You look lovely in the pictures. Agree with Tessa - like a painting. {Tania at HedgerowHarvest}

  7. Great colors! Especially with that beautiful blonde hair.

  8. Your hat and gloves are so pretty and I love the sassy look you have in your photo, super cute.
    I have a smaller than average head so I always make my hats a wee bit smaller, my sister's give me a
    hard time ;)

  9. Oh wow, I love the colours, just gorgeous! And I think they look beautiful on you.

  10. They are most beautiful and such beautiful autumn colors. I'd love to use this yarn in a prayer shawl. Thank you!! Have a grand day!

  11. Beautiful colours. I love a slouchy hat :)


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