Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Moments like Cut Flowers

Here our elderberry tree is laden with blossom,
And these girls another year older.
How can it be?

Before we had a family, I knew I wanted my children to have memories made of simple things. sunlight, stories, picnics, sand between their toes and shimmering sea. 
Things that make good soil for souls to grow.

I watch how the sun moves through   facets of day and year, transforming and transfiguring it's hue and tone as it moves, and that of all it touches. 
Nothing stays the same. 
But simple memories are like a golden thread woven into the cloth of days, months and years, holding all together.

So I'll gather moments like cut flowers, knowing  they fade, and loving them more intensely for the fact.
I'll place them by the window, by the light of paused moments in the midst of busy days.

I make mistakes. Weeds are sometimes gathered with flowers too. I've let myself become weighed down with unimportant worries too many times.  Cared what other's thought more than I should.

But I've also tried to seek out moments every day, however small, however fragile or unplanned while dishes waited and dust gathered and a thousand threads seemed undone,  to look into each of my children's eyes, see the soul that dwells there and whisper that they is loved beyond measure.

dear beautiful
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  1. Thank you for sharing this. I know how hard it can be to try to live outside of other's judgement. Our daughter was unexpected and in truth we sort of flew by the seat of our pants for many years, just accepting life as it was, without considering what kind of life we wanted to create for her. Now I am learning to push aside regret and do my best with what time I have left with her. So I want to encourage you in your efforts. Keep going. Keep doing the work and building that life for your children. Keep making those memories. I believe these things, this simple love, can change the world :)

    1. That is beautiful Ravenna :) I believe that simple love can change the world too. It's the small, simple acts that make a difference. It is so hard to take things slow sometimes, there is so much pressure to do, do ,do. I find myself caught up in it all time and time again. I have to keep remembering what matters most in the end. Thank you for your comment :)

  2. Oh what a beautiful post, and beautiful moments with your daughters too - I have no doubt that despite the weeds they know they are loved first and foremost!

  3. Beautiful romantic photos.
    Please come link up at

  4. It can so hard to find that balance in life, I have worked hard to try to achieve it with my kids


  5. Beautiful photos to go with a beautiful story! ~Lowanda

  6. Just beautiful. This is a perfect childhood.


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