Friday, 17 July 2015

Intentions and affirmations

For the last year Emmy has been studying complimentary therapy and massage at college.  At the end of term she had to manage the Salon as part of her course. On that day she was allowed to decorate the salon and bring in props.

One idea which we have now adopted here at home was an intention bowl. 
An intention bowl (it could be a basket ) is filled with intentions, affirmations and inspiring quotations. 

Friends  pick an intention as a small gift when they come to visit.

Eyes closed shut, the girls often pick an intention during the day and give it to me as a surprise.
I'll keep my intention on the windowsill as like a message in a bottle reminding me to remain centred no matter the distractions around me during the day.

We wrote our own messages and affirmations and used quotes from scriptures, poetry and favourite authors. We printed them onto water colour paper and cut them out. 

I think they would look nice with water colour washes over them but today we are keeping it simple.


  1. Lovely...

    And I must sift through your blog, to find what Emmy is taking at college. "...studying complimentary therapy and massage..." sounds unique and wonderful.


    1. Hi Tessa :) Emmy has been working towards and qualification in aromatherapy, Indian Head massage, Swedish massage, hot stones/crystal treatments and reflexology. I have learned so much about these therapies from her and of course, benefited from many of the treatments myself :) I look forward to blogging about them more!


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