Monday, 5 November 2012

Lonely 5 minute Friday

It is funny how we can be so isolated in such a busy world.
Fields are tarmacked
to make way for tennis courts
because kids can't play outside anymore.

I reach out with words; Fragile like tendrils.
Seeking a cane or a friendly fence on which to lean.
And talk about the day.

Five beings echo locate me early in the morning.
Brimming with the expectation of a new day...

Five facets, five perspectives, five ways of being and seeing.

Five little suns that need to deflect their light
through many different prisms, not only mine.

Light has a weight all it's own.

But who is there?

The streets outside seem strange and distant this morning.
People rush past in motion blur.

In the evening, I pull curtains over windows
Like cave darkened wing membranes of a sleeping bat.
I see others are camped around the warm glow
of their own screens too.

Panes of glass separated by panes of glass.

Silent, divided and contained.

Yearning for a common hearth,
A warm glow of earthy embers and friendship.

So we each reach out through ether
from the confines of our cells
to feel the life of a human touch

Beyond the screens and the tapping keys.

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