Thursday, 26 September 2013

September Crafting

There is something about the crisp Autumn air and the golden hues of sunlight and shimmering leaf that inspires my creativity.

I have two craft fairs coming up in the next few weeks, so there is much planning of stalls and set ups and gathering of materials to be had.

I have a basket full of Autumnal Merino tops sitting upon my drawer; wisps of gold sunlit flecked with dusk and twilight, deep brown bark aged with story and the song of the years, lichen blues and moss greens.

They bring their abundance to my imagination which then, in turn, translates to my hands...

My fingers are hardened with the needle like they used to be when I played guitar as a teenager :)



  1. I love seeing what you have been making, such beautiful creations. Wishing you success at your craft fairs.

  2. Breathtakingly beautiful creations. I am going to have a peek in your shop as I would like a birthday angel for my little boys birthday :) xx

  3. Wow. These are all so wonderful and amazing and creative and detailed and joy-filled and lovely and and and!!! :) Treasures, all.


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