Thursday, 31 January 2013

Letting go

 chair and windchimes

 "Do not lust (want) for it gives way to the desire to possess and the desire to possess incites murder."   Buddhist saying

 I see the word want as meaning dissatisfaction and the word murder as referring to the frustration, envy, greed, anger etc...  a dissatisfied state of being can incite.

Life's lesson is one of letting go.


Journalling yesterday.....

Have no fixed plan
No expectation
Just this moment


Want nothing
But what is given
right now


"Let all go dear
              so comes love" e.e cummings


  1. Letting go is one of the most frustrating pieces of advice anyone has given me. Let go of what? What am I holding on to? What if it isn't tangible.

    And so on.

    A beautiful post, as ever.

  2. ahhh, letting go. i have read much on buddhism for many years. the hungry ghost can be such a maddening companion. but learning to let go is such a great gift. i wish i could say i was a pro at it, but i still struggle. i find it is easy for me to let go of things and not have constant desires for stuff, but emotions... well those are much harder for me to let go of. i guess that is "surrender" was a good word for me this year. lol

  3. Beautiful post Suzy and yes as others say, a tough thought.

  4. gosh Suzy, that poem and your words were just what I needed to hear just now! we are hoping to move out of town and rent a house in the country...found THE perfect house...everything I'd prayed for,...woodland and little stream next door, surronded by fields. i wanted that house so badly that I still struggle to let it go. the owners ( a church)gave it to a retired couple when to me it's a big family house. how I have cried... and wanted....and felt 'murderous'. it is SO TRUE that WANTING... and thinking we know what is best for us all the time is not how to live well. The best antidote is consciously practsing contentment and counting your blessings. thanks for reminding me that I can't just do that on the good days!

    1. (((Victoria))) I feel heartbroken for you. That is so hard. I wrote these words because for me they are something I struggle with all the time. (((hugs)))

    2. ...and I know I would have felt just the same as you.

    3. thank you so much!.... I also meant to ask you, you know that waldorf spinning (drop spindle) video you posted some weeks ago (or it may have been an old post I read.) it was a lovely older lady demonstrating how to spin. Do you remeber it? if so, is it possible to repost it or tell me how to find it? My eldest son (Robbie age 14) bought me a drop spindle in complete secret for Christmas and a woolly friend has just got me started... I am so hooked. can't think what I have been doing all these years!!!

  5. Wanting and desiring less is something I am in a constant battle with it seems. In fact "want less" was one of my (first ever!) new years resolutions. I think wanting can indeed be a sickness. Great post, a nice reminder :)

  6. A lovely post. We've been working on blessing and releasing at our house, having just put it up for sale. I think it's human nature to hold on to things that give us the illusion of stability.

  7. I needed to read this today. There's a lot of things I need to let go of. Thanks for sharing.


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