Sunday, 13 January 2013

Gratitude Sunday

Nola in her little bonnet.
  • Snow fluttering down from the still, white sky this morning. Lot's of squeals of delight and jumping on  beds.
  • A lovely fat stack of new library books!
  • Seraphina calling her new shoes "clippy clops"
  • The first snowdrops, peeping through the ground.
  • Boo's excitement at dissecting owl pellets! "Wow, look, bones!"
  • Lovely comments from our annual home school inspection. More than the comments about the girls work, which I was nervous didn't amount to enough "evidence". I was most touched when she said how warm and loving the atmosphere of our home felt. That is everything to me.
  • Watching a fun old movie together curled up on the sofa.
  • Going on a date to see a late showing of The Hobbit and feeling a bit teenagerish :)
  • Starting a really interesting read. And hoping to see the film soon too!

Joining Taryn at Wooly Moss Roots for Gratitude Sunday


  1. Very intrigued by your Christmas book, never heard of it before. You have given me some real good ideas there with the film as well. A beautiful list Suzy, may your week be blessed x.

  2. what a beautiful list. i haven't thought about that movie in ages. i wonder if my kids would enjoy it. :) have a lovely week.

  3. i am jealous of your snow! I am just getting ready to start a milo vest for my wee one.. it will be my first time doing cables!

  4. A lovely list, you holiday in planning sounds wonderful, a very restful place.

  5. love this suzy, all of it. and this, "I was most touched when she said how warm and loving the atmosphere of our home felt. That is everything to me."... i know this too, how important that is. what a beautiful thing for her to remark. you have done well sweet sister. love you so.

  6. Such a lovely list. And what a beautiful comment from your home school inspection :)

  7. Beautiful list, and pictures.

  8. what sweetness, it made me happy to read:) What a feel good comment about your home/schooling, exactly the way it always comes across here too

  9. Lovely list, so delighted to have you join Gratitude Sunday. I can't wait to watch The Hobbit!


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