Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Yarn Along and Craft On

Today I'm joining Ginny at Small Things for Yarn Along and Frontier Dreams for Keep Calm, Craft On. &
Creative Friday @ Natural Suburbia

I have finally finished Nola's  *** v e r y   l o n g ***  longies :)

They look so cute and rustic and are only about an inch long even though the pattern was meant to be for a 1 to 2 year old. She is a teensy tiny little girlie though so I'm blaming that instead of my gauge :)
However, I may string a thin piece of elastic around the bottom legs to hold them up a bit:)

I tried getting some pictures of her wearing them yesterday but she was being a busy bum and the pictures were just blobs and blurs of green as she did her happy new knit longie dance!
Never mind the light is better on this bright and beautiful morning anyway!


Emmy has been working making up her own pattern for a crocheted vest for Nola.
She has been using the beautiful hand painted Knit Picks yarn in "Unicorn" that lovely Amy sent me not to long ago! I am so excited to see how it will turn out!

 fae doll 5

I have just completed my first custom order dolly and she has been safely snuggled up and posted to her new home! What an exciting moment. I always picture the little child that will love the doll in my mind as I craft it and bring it to life. I try to fill it with lots of joy and love in the making so every stitch carries a piece of goodness in it :) I am so happy to think of all the love this little one will get over the years :)

fae 8

For reading... Well anyone who has read my blog a while knows how I love Rumi :)
His poetry is like a cup of cool, clear water brimming with clarity. Or when needed the spark of a flame to the dry wood.
A friend recently visited and left a copy of  "The Soul of Rumi" Poems translated by Coleman Barks.

It is already hopelessly dog eared and filled with pencil marks :)
I can't pick one poem or line out as a favourite but these words filled my cup this morning... and somehow seemed appropriate for "Yarn Along" ...and "Craft On" :)

" In silence,
 there is eloquence. Stop weaving 
and watch how the pattern improves."

Happy Wednesday!


  1. The long longies are adorable Suzy and at least you know Nola will get some use out of them and not outgrow them in a week.
    Your Emmy is just as talented as her Mom! How sweet that she is making a vest for her sister and from her own!
    Your dolls are just works of art and so beautiful, any girl would be honored to have one to love.

  2. What adorable longies and I bet they look great on Nola. And wow, that doll is beautiful, I wish I could see the little one's eyes when she opens it.

    Have a lovely day.

  3. I just check out your Etsy store - the dolls you make are incredible! WOW! I love the hair on this one you just created.

  4. Wow - your projects are beautiful. LOVE the longies!! :)

  5. that is a perfect quote!
    and those longies.... perfect!

  6. i love it. love your projects, your yarn, want to read that book. i love you :)

  7. oh yeah and i do think i am suited to your weather :)

  8. The colourway on the longies is lovely - and I really like the way you have done your doll's eyes.

    Also, strangely enough, it appears you live fairly close to me (as I live about 5 miles over the North Notts border).

  9. beautiful doll! and I do love poetry , I might have to check out that Rumi you're talking about :)

  10. Love the longies. Knitted pants are the best.

  11. Lovely. All of it. But, especially the quote.

  12. What pattern did you use for the longies? I adore those cuffs!

  13. Ahhhh, some knitting and Rumi - what a perfect combination!


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