Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Yarn along and Craft On

Joining Ginny for Yarn Along, Natural Suburbia's Creative Friday and Frontier Dreams for Keep Calm Craft On today :)

Knitting wise I have finished a little fairy petal Waldorf dress, shoes, pantaloons and garland for a beautiful blue eyed new doll named Niniane after the Lady of the Lake of Arthurian Legend.

miranda mae

The bottom edge of her dress is petalled, which is a new knitting term I have just invented I think :)
(i.e) it looks like an upside down flower :)

miranda sweet girl

She has a crocheted garland of very rare blue flowers for her long, long hair!

shoes for doll

I had so much fun making her wee little shoes!

boho girl miranda

dress detail miranda

And although the bodice alone takes me 4 hours to knit. I actually love getting into the trance like rhythm of the pattern and slowly, slowly watching it emerge from my two hands!

miranda mae blue eyes

She has been stuffed with organic, fairtrade cotton batting and made with lots of joy and love!
I have used French made DMC crochet cotton to knit her clothes with as I find it works beautifully with teeny tiny needles and intricate lacy patterns.

Here is Niniane over at my shop tillytilda.


As for reading...
We have been having fun revisiting "French Without Tears" by Lady Bell this week.
Just the title and authoress names alone are enough to inspire the inner linguist aren't they :)

I inherited a copy of both volume 1 and 2 from my Grandmother who was fluent in French. Sadly with all the love they've gotton over the years they were getting rather tatty :(

Luckily it is still possible to purchase this lovely series on line. The stories are so funny and every one adds a little more complexity to the grammar and vocabulary, till you are understanding French without realising it!


I would recommend these books to anyone with a basic grasp of French pronunciation.

The girls and I have been in fits of giggles over the quaint old fashioned way of saying things though... :)


  1. What a delight to the senses your post is Suzy :) Beautiful little doll, what a lovely delicate outfit! And your french book is gorgeous, I adore old books, they have such a sense of history - children's books are worth it just for the pictures xx

  2. I look at your doll and find myself wondering if I'm too old to play with a doll anymore?
    Suzy, she really is just so lovely and magical. I love that you have invented your own knitting term, it makes her even more special.

  3. Gorgeous doll! Her dress and her hair are amazing! And what an enchanting French book too; my husband's learning in preparation for *gulp* us moving out there, so maybe I'll find a copy for him!

  4. Oh that doll and dress are awesome! It looks so dainty and precious! French...I took 5 years of spanish and one year of french between high school and college...after taking all that spanish, I had an easy time with french, but the accent = horrible :-)

  5. Oh, how lovely - both your knitting and the book! My son is really enjoying studying french at the moment, I wonder if I can manage to get hold of a copy of French without tears...

  6. What a very sweet doll outfit! She must be the best dressed doll on the block! The book sounds delightful. Jacinta

  7. I adore antique books, I'll have to look those up! Beautiful dolly as well.

  8. The doll is beautiful - love those teeny shoes! I never got far in French....too much Spanish and I would get them mixed up :) Great book, though!

  9. oh my what a treasure your doll is!! Just amazing!!

  10. This is so precious -- lovely!

  11. She is absolutely beautiful. Truly a work of art.

  12. gorgeous makes one want to be a child again. love the French text book.

  13. those doll shoes are the sweetest thing ever! what a beautiful doll. :)

  14. Look at you coining a word- petalling! Love the edge detail and the doll looks beautiful in her new dress :)

  15. Visiting from the GFC Blog Hop! Such a cute doll! Learning to knit is on my to do list!


  16. What a lovely doll, she is beautiful.

  17. Shes gorgeous. You ahve put some much work into her clothes, they are divine.

  18. Cute doll and the outfit she is wearing is adorable!

  19. Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my bonnet post yesterday -- "old-fashioned" is the perfect adjective for a baby in a bonnet! Your hand-crafted dolls are gorgeous and the outfit you designed for her is as well. Blessings, ~Lisa

  20. I love the little dress! Is there a pattern? I would love to knit some up for Kate's little dolls. That french book looks great. My Teen will be studying the language for school this year, and I'm thinking that I need to find a few books in the language to help her along with the reading bits. I'm going to look these up!

  21. There is a pattern for the dress at my shop. The bottom edge of the dress is scalloped instead of "petalled" :) in the pattern though.

  22. What a gorgeous doll - I love herself, her clothes and her name.

    And the books are très amusants!

  23. Suzy, the eyes of this dolly blow me away, she is beautiful - well done!

  24. Gorgeous doll! I haven't made a doll in a bit, I think it might be time! As for those books, I'll have to check them out, might be just what we need around here.


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