Wednesday, 20 June 2012

The Fairy Caravan

Yesterday the girls and I sat on the trampoline while Nola was having a rest and began 
"The Fairy Caravan" a full length children's book by Miss Potter.

We had such good fun with it. The first chapter is particularly humorous.

I am so lucky to have inherited a whole collection of Beatrix Potter's books from my Grandmother.

She was a real book worm and I have enjoyed reading my way through the amazing library of old books she collected over the years.

Miss Potter's collection is a particular favourite.

So old and so well loved!


Here are some favourite passages  from the first chapter of "The Fairy Caravan"...

"The  common guinea pigs admire and envy the hair of the Abyssinian Cavies; they would give anything to be able to make their own short hair grow long. So there was excitement and twittering amongst the short haired guinea pigs when Messrs. Ratton and Scratch, Hair Specialists, sent out hundreds of advertisements by post, describing their new elixir.
The Abyssinian Cavies who required no hair stimulant were affronted by the advertisments.
They found the twitterings tiresome."

..." The Abyssinian Cavies sniffed, and passed by upon their toes. They remarked that Mr. Ratton was slightly bald..."

fairy caravan


"The short haired guinea pigs determined to purchase one bottle of the smallest size, to be tried upon Tuppenny.
    Tuppenny was a short haired guinea pig of dilapidated appearance. He suffered from toothache and chilblains; and he had never had much hair, not even of the shortest. It was thin and patchy. Whether this was the result of chilblains or of ill treatment is uncertain. He was an object, whatever the cause. Obviously he was a suitable subject for experiment."

.... During the night Messrs. Ratton and Scratch packed up their booth and departed from the town of Marmalade..."



  1. Wonderful! I do love Miss Potter ~ thank you for sharing a few bits with us today. What lucky little girls to have a mama who reads such beautiful words to them.

  2. What a treasure... and to be able to share it with your girls... how wonderful!
    Love your dollie's red hair!

  3. What a sweet hat Suzy Q, I do adore your dolls, they are beautiful.
    I am a huge fan of Miss Potter and am now on a mission to get my hands
    on a copy of that book, I've never heard of it. What a wonderful gift to
    have in your home!

  4. Isn't that the cutest hat/doll!!! Just love sitting in the corner here to be a part of your world!! Thank you!! Cathy

  5. you know, we have that book! we found it at the library a few years ago and went to check it out. it wouldn't check out, it said it didn't exist in the system, so we asked the librarian and she was confused as well. she said it was probably supposed to be removed and given to the library book sale so we could just have it! it was awesome. my daughter has read it and loved it. i should pull it out and read it to everyone!
    you are so talented suzy, really. i'm so glad to call you friend.

  6. Cute doll and hat! I think my girls would like that book. Going to see if the library has it.

  7. Your doll is super adorable. I love your doll's hair, very different to other Waldorf dolls I see. I'm very tempted... but still hoping to try my hand at the art myself :-) And how wonderful to have your Grandmother's book collection. So special. I was lucky to inherit my great grandma's Abby Girl collection :-)

  8. Thank you for your visit, I was just tickled pink - I've been quietly following your blog for a month or two now! The dolls are adorable - I'm going to try and make one (probably have someone else do the body and head, I'll do hair and clothes) for my sons 2nd birthday next february so I'm loving the inspiration!

  9. such a sweet hat, it looks perfect on your doll. oh my that book, i LOVE b.p. and have every book, but didn't know this one exsisted. thank you for sharing!


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