Tuesday, 19 June 2012

media, from a waldorf perspective...interesting

 We use media in our home, but not too much. I don't let the girls watch adverts or play video games, but we watch movies and wildlife documentaries, things like that and the girls have limited use of the PC.
I think, for me it is all about balance. I admit, I love the concept of being entirley media free though :)


  1. Hey thanks Suzy- I got a lot out of that.x

  2. Great clip ~ we aren't totally tv free, but try to very carefully select what is watched and limit it. Wonderful food for thought though! {and I also love the idea of media free for the kids, but we have found a balance works for us}

  3. We are on the path to becoming more media free. We got rid of about 90% if our movies about 2 months ago and got rid of the dvd player! This week we have been discussing just getting rid of the tv all together and I really think it is time!!! We can always watch something on the computer if we really feel the need. Anyway, thank you for posting this! It just made me feel a bit better about the decision!


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