Thursday, 16 February 2012

Nola's first artwork!

nola drawing her first picturenola with crayonsnola colouringnola's first picture

After many months of simply wanting to "eat" crayons, Nola finally decided it was time to use them as they are intended and make her own little artwork.

Nola first began to tentatively drag her crayons around a piece of paper, making all sorts of fun dots, marks swirls and lines.

She watches her older sisters intently and tries to mimic them in any way that she can.

She particularly likes to "get in" on their creative kitchen table projects and experiments which although cute is not always as"helpful" as she may imagine it is.

Nola has a very serious and observant stare whenever she is embarking on mastering a new skill.

She peers intently at whatever she is interested in and bows over it to get a real close up.

I loved to watch her start to notice how her movements affected the marks she made on her paper when she was drawing.
Although she seemed to be making some deliberate marks at times she really had the most fun banging her crayon on the paper indiscriminately.

Yet it was probably the sensation that pleased her more than it's effect.

Occasionally she tried to grab two or three crayons at a time but usually ended up dropping ( or throwing) the excess crayons when they became too unwieldy to control.

She generally made her own colour choices after a little coaxing from me at the beginning.

She seems to really go for red.

She also seems to be right handed although it is still early to tell 100%. Emmy used her right hand at this age and ended up being very much a "leftie"


  1. It looks like you have another talented young lady in your home!
    I knew there was something special about your Emmy, lefties have that extra 'something'! :)

  2. Oh I love it! the kids and I were just talking about getting new beeswax crayons. They last forever, we still have block and stick crayons from that age, but they are so beaten up and at 10 and 11 mine still use them!

  3. Oh, how much fun! I'm sure that first piece of artwork will be joined by many more if your other sweet kiddos are any indication! Art and creativity seem to be very important in your home, it is a beautiful thing. :) And she looks so adorable, hard at work. :) I'm very much a leftie too. ;)

  4. Aw! I love it! A masterpiece. And such a sweet cherub, little Nola. :) You've inspired us, btw, to invest in some really good crayons. We never have -- but it seems like it will be worth it!

  5. How very exciting!!! I still treasure little scraps of papers or notebooks with similar artworks by my children when they were younger.

    Also - I thought I'd left a comment to wish your mermaid girl a Happy Birthday, but maybe it disappeared in the ether. A belated happy birthday to her!

  6. i love her beautiful artwork. i love how you celebrate the arts with your daughters. and i desperately want to come visit you someday and do art with all of you :) thank you so much for praying for us dear suzy. it means the world to me. xo

  7. what a thrill to see your child create something with colors for the very first time. she has a wonderful mom to stoke her creative juices.


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