Sunday, 25 December 2011

"When a soul sets up to find God, it does not know whether it will come, or by what path it will be led. But those who catch the vision are ready to follow the Lamb where ever He goes. And it is as they follow, obedient to what they have seen, in the spirit of joyful adventure, that their path becomes clear before them, and they are given the power to fulfill their high calling. They are those who have the courage to break through conventionalities, who care not at all what the world thinks of them. Because they are entirely taken up with the tremendous realities with the soul and God."

~Amy Carmichael


  1. Beautifully said! Merry Christmas to you! Cathy

  2. Beautiful quote - especially "the courage to break through conventionalities" - I want to live that courage, to break through convention to find our Lord! Daily!

    Have a blessed day!


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